Long after he has gone, I have him. Still. On the tips of my fingers. I don’t want to eat, wash my hands, brush my teeth. I shouldn’t talk. I want to wrap myself in Gladwrap and slowly suffocate in his scent. Draw arrows on my neck pointing to his teeth marks. I delight in the marks he leaves on my body. But he is always late and I am never his important date. So I set my watch to Daresbary time and wear it to bed. I dream that Miyazaki’s Totoro comes to get me in the cat bus. I’m eating marmalade on toast and working out a difficult mathematics equation. The cat bus dips and I fall out and am swallowed by a rabbit hole. Distorted hands claw at me as I fall. I see a glimpse of his waistcoat forever ahead of me. The tick of a pocket watch grows louder until I wake up. Alone. I won’t cry when he leaves me. I’ll know it’s because I have outgrown him. As he always said I would. I won’t argue when he closes the door behind him. We will have come to the end. I knew that we were temporary. He told me long before we started. I won’t follow him when he leaves me. I’ll just watch him leave and scurry down his rabbit hole. Back to Alice.

You Can't Fix Stupid

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing, nothing I can do
Global warming ravaging us like a furious god
Current trends, speeds and attitudes
But we're turning a blind eye
Some calling it a hoax
Look over the horizon
we're totally doomed

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing I can do
Common sense says more guns equal only more violence and death
Let's hand a gun to everyone instead
0bsession with and addiction to firearms,
American 2nd Amendment gun fetish

I want to make it all right
But there's nothing I can do when....
A dinosaur bone, we know beyond a doubt is between 60 and 70 million years old.
But a whopping 24 percent believe dinosaurs and man simultaneously hung out.

Belief versus evidence...
Those who claim evolution is still a theory
Believing that Jesus literally flew up out of a cave and into the sky.
Living according to this "reality"
Do you believe in angels?
Forty-five percent of Americans do.
And nearly 30 percent believe cloud computing involves actual clouds.
18 percent still believe the sun revolves around the Earth.
Six percent of Americans believe in unicorns.
Now you can see why....
Why we are totally fucking fracked?

Glued to TV, reality shows, major media, Fox News...
Everything is scripted - targeted for a 5th-grade education
and the attention span of an aphid

Hardly anyone reads anymore....
Instead gawking at some guy doing his 15 seconds of YouTube fame
A guy breaking 56 eggs on his head in 30 seconds..
A guy playing the violin on a bicycle while riding backwards
The man with the longest ear hair
That right, and so much more; it's all there

Safe to say about 37 percent of Americans are just are not very bright.
Take for example. my friend Bill
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Not academically gifted
He's got the IQ of a salad bar
The guy is all foam, no beer
His antenna doesn't pick up all the channels
Bright as a tulip bulb
He has both oars in the water but no boat.
A few feathers short of a duck
Dumber than a box of rocks

We want to make it all right, we really do
But there's nothing you can do
You can't fix stupid
Baka wa shinanakya nanorani

The Good Old Days

The good old days....
Remember the Flintstones?
They were a modern Stoneage family
They were fucking funny
Wilma and Betty stayed at home.
Fred Fintstone and Barney Rubble got into trouble

The good old days
when women stayed in the kitchen
and men had jobs
Women pulled up their skirts
and men pulled their pants down

The good old days....
John Wayne as our hero
And the world was black and white like the family's one television set
When people were God fearing
And gas was cheap
Boys in their muscle cars, doing donuts in parking lots
and burning rubber in the streets
You could drive and drink
Pot was illegal
but a lid cost only 15 bucks

The good old days....
We were racing to the moon.
and testing atomic bombs in the Pacific ocean
the sky was the limited
instead of being polluted.
We ate cheap white Wonder bread
And we had the KKK too
People believed in flags
not fags

In the "good" old days, we could smoke where ever we wanted
We called ourselves "Free"
But that kind of freedom died
when they started putting the cancer warnings on package

Time passes....
We cling to what we know
following the easiest road
Making change painfully slow.
Clearly see the past for what it was
Clearly see the present for what it is
Otherwise, we are deceived
and accepting lies.

Oh you funny buggers

Looks like she could suck the chrome off a bumper
Better thump her
She's asking for it pal
So ring her dim little bell
Sexy girls, sexy girls

One line won't hurt
the barest humming bird wing flirt
The icy cold joy hits the throat
That's all she wrote
Mirrors in the bathroom boys

Buy now pay later
Buy now pay later

Oh the lies
Between open thighs
Be they female or not
G marks the spot
You found it yet?

And William spewed his lunch naked
While Jack laughed wildly wonderlust sated
And Allen howled
While Gregory bowed
to the gods only he could see

It's all out there
rape and drugs
Sex lies and football thugs
Wanking and truth
It's really no use
To argue when you piss at the wind

Don't play that thug music, black boy (for Jordan Davis)

Don't play that thug music, black boy
Don't wear a hoodie
I want you all
I want you all to be
Be like me
Like me
Cuz you see
I've got no brains and a lot of balls
and I've got a gun and I'll toot ya
I want you all to be
be like me
like me
Afraid of young black men
Afraid of of the pOHlice
Afraid of the government
Afraid of terrorists
Afraid of standing up for justice
Afraid of my own shadow
Cuz you see, I've got no brains and a lot of balls
and I've got a gun and I'll toot ya
And I want you all to be
Be like me
Like me

Michael Dunn, fired into a car full of Florida teens, killing Jordan Davis, following an argument over loud music.

Play it again

The time that passes, I can hear it
Singing into a future dimly lit
Time is a happy thing

The histories that bleed into our insolent minds
The blood dripping into muddy fields unkind
History is a victorious domain

And I don't know what I write
I don't know what I wrote
I don't know why I write

Yet love touches me
Cradles my every thing
Keeps the night terrors quaking
For my love light shines hard

And they are there, I see them
Sparkling in the twilight eye
Arms held out, regardless of my actions
Never questioning

And I am lucky, surely the luckiest
As the silver bullets miss this werewolf heart
And the darkest dirge is a hymn to the soul
With those loving keeping me whole

And as the trees in the suicide forest
Whisper sweet words to soothe the coming noose
And feelings unreel, a heart broken, breaking loose
Those sing song voices, bell-like draw me back

Love, the the only mineral that we lack
makes muesli edible and greens a delight
As the darkness envelops, brings forth a light
And screams salvation in the oil slick night

I love you all too, I love you all too, I love you all too
until the records stops.

Morphine Agnostic

They said i'd break, not butterfly on a wheel like
But car crash, splintered milk truck hitting a bike
Well they were right, for five hours, crows, vultures
Gangrenous, necrotic removal squad, morphine and sutures
Pulled me up from the river, the mists of the styx
Fucking melodramatic
Isn't it?

I did not see god in there, nor any Hindu deities
And man there are loads of them, so it shoulda been odds on
I did see a guy with one leg, he lived on a boat
Keeping his faith afloat helping the unfortunate
A worthy man, I am certain luck is proportionate
To the help you give
Isn't it?

And yet Richard died
And yet Richard died
And I am alive
What's that stink?

The doctor said I should know how lucky I am
He only started cutting once my credit card cleared
The worst thing that I feared?
The reaper? haha! that cowl wearing shit!
It was the "sorry sir, we tried your card, but they rejected it"
"Send this one back to the cafeteria Joanie"
We will cure his appendix with a spoon and some flan
That's just how it is
Isn't it?

My sons, my daughter, my wife
cared more about my life
than I ever knew
I felt small, feel so obsidian cold
I have no desire of death, nor of getting old
But it's what's coming
isn't it?

Just another scar
on the side of a car
rushing too fast along the wrong road.

Conversations with God

Silver clouds pass above
The time before the night sky
Whether you look near
Whether you look far and wide.
Few dare to say the word love.
There's something I've come to realize
That we all take far more than we give

Day and night jumble
Eyes flutter like an old black and white film
We actors sometimes make great strides
Other times fail and fall
Yet we endeavor, we plod on
Tomorrow? For nobody knows….
Only makes me wonder - who is directing this show?

Mind wanders - taking me to far off lands,
I'm standing in field,
Walking along packed city streets - some lonely ones as well
And even once walking across dessert sands.
Recalling the many places I have been
Mingling with strangers
Laughing with old friends
But we all walk alone
Only makes me wonder, who is directing this show?

Friends and lovers, seasons, they come and go
Oh, how I'd like to have some of those times back
At this moment, this all seems so unfair.
Life like tides has its highs and lows
I find time passes the fastest when you are alone with nothing to do.
The clock's hour hand moves in slow motion
The minute hand does a little dance
But the second hand... it never slows

Years in the mirror show
Where did the time go?
Meanwhile, change around us happens so painfully slow
Problems never seem to get solved
As they say, time marches on….
But is this how it's supposed to evolve?

I saw my own reflection in your eyes
Does this reflection tell me what I've become?
Is this picture the truth or a sham?
At the end of the day, we have but this one life to live
so you had better make it good -
aka live your life the best that you can.
Still, I can't help asking, does the bucket ever fill?

There is something I've come to realize
That we all take far more than we give,
Life like tides has its highs and lows
And I wonder, who is directing this show?

The Archer

One time while growing up, I wanted to become an archer
I wanted to be Robin Hood
I wanted to be like the Greek archer in my history book
I wanted to be a real William Tell
So I would practice for hours and hours pulling back the bow,
one by one, letting the arrows go
I saw the bow was the force,
the arrow - the weapon,
hitting the bull's eye - my goal.

The school library had some books about archery
I distinctly remember a photo of a Japanese archer dressed in hakama
Above the photo in bold letters, the word kyudo
and below a strange quote:
"Find your target. Be the arrow. Be straight and true."

But I didn't want to be the arrow
Arrows, I thought, are just being used.
I wanted to be the powerful bow
Perhaps realizing from an early age
that I was already a little bent.

The following day, I shot an arrow straight up into the air,
up, up, up....until it out of sight it went
Just then, like a lightning bolt, fear, panic set in
A horrifying vision of just where the arrow might land
So with my bare hands, I covered my head
which would have been be of little use -
an arrow sticking in my head

I could run, and take a chance
or remain frozen,
for better or worse, which I did.
Then with a sudden WHOSH!
the arrow came down,
striking so close, sticking deep into the ground
Had I been in the wrong place, it surely would have killed me
lying right there on the spot,
and later found

Sometimes, life and death is like that -
only a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
After all, accidents are part of the road
But from that point on, I considered myself lucky,
also from that point on, I considered myself none too bright.
One time, I wanted to become a great archer
But I was never really any good at it.

But what I want to say is:
everyone here and everywhere
take care, stay safe
in this New Year!

Once Upon a Time in America

Born wide-eyed and full of wonder
The sky was the limit
And the moon even higher.
Suddenly, a shot across the bow
The President's brain flying out the back
We awakened a new dark reality
Innocence shattered, it would never be the same.
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

What soon followed didn't improve
Race riots and the Vietnam War
The flower children soon wilted
Peace and Love - those dreams faded
Education was replaced by MBAs
How much money can you make
The American Dream
Get rich schemes
The new American Dream of owning everything
gobbling up like this planet has never witnessed before
And from sea to shining sea, the result: one big shopping spree.
You see, America I didn't leave it, it left me.

I recently returned to visit the Statue of Liberty
remembering how as kids we once had foot race running up the staircases to reach her crown
But now, I shuffle in the line
Emptying my pockets and taking off me shoes
walking through security body scanner
and passed the surveillance cameras
Oh, Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death,"
I whisper under my breath.

If emptying pockets and taking off shoes,
domestic call monitoring and drone attacks abroad
and wars....
If this is your strategy to fight terrorism...
If this is the plan, I think you should come up with a better one.
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

America, is it now a country Divided?
or a country United?
I don' know.
The rich are getting richer.
no one seems to care
While the poor...
To quote a man as we looked out the car window while waiting at a traffic light in the slums of Philadelphia,
"Look at those poor bastards, never had a chance."
I guess on street corners like this, the Liberty Bell doesn't ring.

And as for the middle - the middle class -
America has become dumbed down and fattened up
Freedom equals the right to bear arms
And armed with the the First Amendment's "free exercise of religion"
What more does one need?
God, guns and country...
The Patriot Act
Just be sure to obey.
As Carl Sagan warned us
"The combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, will blow up in our faces."
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

Corporate greed
America. you had enough time to clean up your act
since that dreadful day in Dallas
America, I didn't leave you, you left me.


In the morning mirror
the face I see,
it could be someone else's
It could be me.

Another wrinkle here,
a little more gray there
and hair on top that no longer wants to stay
It's not mortality I fear,
but staring at old age
and it's cruel face
scares the living crap out me

In the mirror
The face I see
will someday fade --
fade away
to a place
where I never existed.


My heart flutters
like bats flying out of a cave
I see you, but you don't see me
I wouldn't know what to say
Too shy to approach
I'm crushing on you
and you don't even know

The "Brave New World?"

Is it a Brave New World?
Well, it's not "New" really.
Considering the Earth is 4.54 billion years old
I wasn't around way back then, so how do I know?
If fact, I don't, but scientists say so.
I met a guy the other day who said the earth is 6,000 years old.
There are a whole bunch of these people who believe this way
Hmmm..... 4.54 billion versus 6,000 years
I was never good in math but I can detect there's a difference here --
Oh, about 4.54 billion years..
Not that long ago, at around the year 0 or so, someone wrote a book.
Actually, a bunch of dudes wrote this book
And it's a good thing Jesus did come along or we wouldn't know what year it is today.
More importantly though, this Good Book explains everything:
Why there is heaven and hell,
How women came from a rib,
Why it's Adam an Even instead of Adam an Steve.
We are taught what to think.
"I believe what I believe," he said, "The truth."
"Oh," I said.

Is it a Brave New World?
Well, it's really not all that "Brave" either
Hiding behind our computer screens, drones to the dirty work
Still settling affairs by who has the biggest gun.
Defending the rich,
exploiting the poor,
placating the people, all keep the ball rolling.
A dangerous world is a profitable one...
for some.
And hiding behind computer screens
those collecting data to sell you whatever they can
"Growth of the sake of growth this the philosophy of the cancer cell"
While our hiding behind our computer screens
instead of getting to know one another
We stand our ground against one another
and cower to authority
We are not so much Brave as we are stupid.
Our destroying the planet
Our home.

It's a Brave New World?
No, not really
It's just the same old world
But with a hell of a lot more people on it.
Once were like a innocent babes, sucking on our mother's tit in the Garden of Eden
Now we are more like vampires sucking the blood out of our Mother's neck.
Is it a Brave New World?
Hardly "New."
Certainly not "Brave."
We have made a prison
and submissively pay the guards around us.

Tokyo Earthquakes (haiku)

Tokyo earthquakes
Awakened, I feel alive
thoughts of impermanence
(Tokyo, Oct. 20, 2013)

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown....
Let's just not stop there
Shutdown those Teabag assholes
who are still living like today were yesterday
Shutdown the lobbyists
and corporate special interests
interested in profits for themselves....
who aren't the least interested in you or me
Shutdown the NRA and their gun maker friends
and get the guns off our streets.
Shutdown Monsanto
Fuck them, and their GMO food so we can safely eat
Oh, and while they are at it....
Shutdown that fat faced Rush Limbaugh, too
Shutdown FOX news for spreading verbal shit.
Shutdown drone attacks
that drop terror on civilians from the sky
Shutdown factories of making missiles
So there might be some peace
Shutdown Gitmo
Even those poor bearded bastards deserve their day in court.
Shutdown Wall Street
until they can learn to lend responsibly
Shutdown the Washington bickering
Shutdown all the negativity
Shutdown until you
are ready
Shutdown until you ready to get things done.

And then my phone rang and up popped the dead

Nobody listened to me back then really, ears closed shut tight
At least now I know it’s me not making a sound that brings ignorance
And I’m sorry about blaming you and My Mother’s regular slights
Upon your character, stained and worn, but to my death of no relevance
I can see you thinking of me, that is how it works here, thought sight
It was my choice to dance with icy clawed dragons in squats damp
Yes I know I told you where you’d end up, well I’m here first alright?
So I was wrong, but that don’t make you right as you write by your lamp
Stop feeling so worried, I mean twenty five years is a heavy walk with that weight
Strapped to your shoulders, by yourself in the main, maybe a little dad there too
But I’m talking now, through the mist of years and doing my best to set things straight
To change the memories of guilt laden doubt, I’m whispering right at you
Remember the pub where we’d smear our faces with plant pot dirt to get in?
That guy on the bus, you slapped his head, he screamed “I’ve shot better men than you!”
How about the smile that scorched across your face when Molly said you looked thin
Or that time we got hammered on mushrooms and cider and thought we’d discovered the truth
Every cut, every scratch, every cigarette burn a waste of time I don’t have
To be fair it seems selfish, I mean you’ve got air, flowers and girls in skirts
Oh yeah and there ain’t no devil, so breathe easier and maybe even laugh
And there ain’t no god, so you were right there, man that hurts
I’m laughing, don’t worry, even breezes tell jokes, you think I’d change much?
Never mate, not for a second, although I’ve somehow forgot what a second is
And minutes could be years for I know and years, yeah yeah and such and such
So, don’t write anymore, I think you’re about healed and I’m still dead, it’s the laughter I miss.

I can hear them

Icicles of caution spread across his mental firmament
He saw stars everywhere
From bars, cars, gutters, behind shutters
He mutters something only he can hear
His birthday looms in his mind like vacant rooms
In a broken motel on the far side of sadness
And what he perceives as rational is only a madness
At least that is what the distant voices tell
And he knows he is unwell and under a spell
Or a curse from some otherworldly power
And each minute is an hour
As he dreams of a shower
Of blood cleansing him once and for ever
He told himself never would they be together
That he would always be mithered
By the rotten fish guts inside her
If only he could cut away his hair
That would stop the demon eyed stare
Following him since teenage despair
He begs to rewind his film
To turn down the kiln
Of his skull that fires his fucking brain
Not again
His pores bleed Christian shame
He screams out her name
But a cut throat usually impairs the hearing.

Children of the goat

Every Moment I Love You
we have never met
Like waiting for the rain
It's coming, but no time is set
The clouds roll by
A full moon drips
Silvering tears
On a bastard world
But there is life to be lived yet
eyes to be opened
Hearts to be won
rivers to be crossed
Poems to be sung
Every Moment I Love You
Language gets in the way
Birds can't talk to dogs
Yet I understand every word you don't say
Nothing is new, not anymore
every leaf falling, brown and down
Knows this
Every Moment I Love You
I miss the snow
The slow winter dinners
overcooked beef
looneys singing hymns
You'll not catch me
talking to ghosts
your brothers grow
your mother knows
things she'll never tell
there are places I have been
dark things I've seen
That I swear to hide and protect you from
Every Moment I Love You
Light a cigarette and a bus appears
Buy a dress to bring the time near
An eternity of golden rings
are not even a sparkle of your value
yet there is no price on our heads
and the doors that seal in the dread
phantoms crawling through late night beds
will be eclipsed when the sun greets your face
Every Moment I Love You

Hip hip hipster hippies

My past has greater length than my future
Sounds mystical, arseholes, you’re gonna die soon
Crystals and stones, hazy cosmic interference
I put them in my pipe and smoke, rocks rock
Time trapped between blades of grass
The rain drops bleeding my future into the past
Oh solitude, my death, Jacques Brel
Fucking hell, read that book, don’t look cool with it
Glasses on, no lenses, she’s 20/20, Fashion the passion
She didn’t need to be nailed on any cross to be cool
And the Mexicans wave in football grounds
The EDL are back in town
And what goes up must come down
Turn that frown around
Align your chakras, enhance your chi
He did karate for discipline
But he could snap a goose neck with one punch
El hombre invislbe stood out like a spare prick at a wedding
God told me to do it and he lives in a room
The size of old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard
And I don’t care how you say tomato
I never liked the beatles, nor maharishi yogi mcchicken
Or whatever his name is
Two bullets, facing Hitler, Stalin and Mussolinin
Shoot yourself twice to make certain
Mystics, you gotta love mystics
Same as rules and clichés
Plus gods and demons and don’t forget popes
And queens and soaps on ropes
Oh those new isotopes discovered
In the backside of Jack’s new lover
The halcyon days of hadron colliders
I like my eggs fried not smashed
Elvis brought back to life for one last show
At Glastonbury no less!
King Arthur on guitar, Jesus on bass
And of course the devil still beats the drums
“ramming speed!”

Piece by Piece

All that is loved, drifts in and out
Ghosts never solid enough to hold
Syllables trapped at the root of my mouth
Bedsheets clean, hospital shining and cold
Modernity allows fleeting contact
Voices through the electronic air
Conversations alone, uncomfortably abstract
Oh how I wish I was there
Old songs remind me of the concrete
That dries forever inside my skull
As the grey lace misery appears complete
A silver bird, in a photograph, a seagull
Oh to climb upon it's honeycomb back
And entreat it to fly across memories sea
Travel to your rooms and peak through a crack
In the door to your world where love covers me

Face in the bush

We stood and saw the phantom face in the bush
Fascinated, it's mouth surely moving, terrified to look
Everyday we hugged in front of the window
Gazing at the ghost bush way below
It stared back, at all of us.

I stare alone at the bush, its lips no longer moving
It seems to stare right past me, silent, uncaring
It doesn't notice the loneliness of watching alone
It doesn't recognize the space in this home
It stares back at me, only.

You Asked Me Why by Ivy C. Machida

You asked me why I linger on
In this island kingdom
Now that there's no more reason to stay -
The light has flickered out
And the whispered promises faded away
Like the distant mountain stream
That failed to reach the sea.

And yet and yet I linger on - what for?
You press on and on
Your youthful eyes meet mine, weary and worn -
A virtual desert to you
An oasis for me -
A world I carved
With glossy dreams
And falling petals floating
In quiet streams.

You ventured far
To that vast ancestral land
And found anew a part of what's in you
And rejoiced in that discovery.
Pouring your dynamic creativity
Into every corner of your awakened world,
They honored you and lauded your works in their great halls -
You found a place, a space you colored all
With vivid images from your keen artistic soul.

Oh, what if, what if
The light had lingered on -
And the springs flowed on and reached their goal -
Would you, would you have stayed
Or is that proud and far-off land
Away from these misty isles
The rightful home to bring to fruition
The breadth and depth and height
Of all you aspire to achieve and to hold

Beyond my transient world
On stilts and gossamer wings...?

Better than a dream

My senses have decidedly become dulled
The causes many:
daily bombardment of information
too little good news….
I can always blame time for my mood

I've grown accustomed
to dire warnings,
alarmist predictions,
doom and gloom prophecies.
And in the mirror, things I don't want to see.

Indeed, things are changing
some for the better
some for the worse
but they are all --
they are all bigger than me

Helplessly alone in this sea
How long can I tread water here?
Do I try to swim away?
Knowing in time… only a matter of time
when the last wave swallows me

As far as I know,
there is no lifesaver
there is no lifeboat
Tonight you are here... better than a dream
soothing my living soul

Because life is cheap (for Trayvon Martin)

A young man is killed walking home from the store
Candy and iced tea in hand
Confronted by an armed citizen
His mind is made up: This fucking punk is up to no good.
Gun in holster - a modern-day John Wayne
So a life is taken,
And the shooter walks away
What of Trayvon's life?
Life is cheap that way.

Children's bodies blown apart on the classroom floor
Just babies really, ages 7 or less
along with 6 teachers dead after the massacre
The scene to gruesome to be shown on TV
Gunned down by a lunatic
armed with an AK-15 and no reason why
Public outcry!
But in no time at all, the outcry for gun control fades…
fades away and dies....

Everyday, shootings in cities across the nation
News flash fireworks of homicide
the leading cause of death among young black males
Victims of a racism - a system that never seems to die
Where amid urban decay life is cheap
For faces that no one seems to care about

Violence and abuse against women
sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape
Not only by strangers,
more often by people that they already know.
The gender receiving less respect.
These women left with physical and emotional pain.

Looking over one's shoulder….
going to and from the store
becomes a way of life
Convinced that it a dangerous world, and only getting worse...
The answer is people arming themselves to the teeth
The gun
The answer
to protect life and treasure
Because life is cheap

Writer's Block

These days, I have hardy anything to say
No words of wisdom
No witty rhyme
No clever verse

I could describe images
the wonders of nature
shining stars, roaring rivers, magnificent trees
Bright happy sunflowers
swaying in a gentle summer’s breeze
But what for?
On the internet, you can see all of the these
and so much more

I could write about a lost love
The girl who broke my heart
The one who got away
But I hate to look back
All it does is make me sad.
I could write how life is all just luck and chance
I could write about Good versus Bad
I could write about Love
but what the hell do I know about love
or anything else for that matter anyway?

I could write about God
The guy up above
Who is looking down
The maker of all
The savior of our souls
Bit I don’t believe in this bullshit anyway
I’m not delusional

I could write about freedom
The shouting of freedom from the rooftops....someday
Don't make me laugh
You are free so long as you stay —
so long as you stay between the lines
And the road is getting narrower
and narrower .... every day
I could write about war and peace
But didn’t somebody already write this anyway?

If I had wings, I would fly away
but I don’t,
so here I walk
here I stand
here I am

I could write about life’s meaningless existence
or perhaps compare life to Chinese water torture
drip, drip drip
or how to cope with life’s pain
blur it with booze and pills
needles and razors
But think we’ve all heard this kind of crap before
haven’t we?.

I could write about tragedy
I could write about hope

So I paint on a stupid smile
while my heart beats
bump-bump, bump-bump. bump-bump
80 beats per minute so so
the years go by
as I grow old.

Well, I have nothing to say
nothing to write
not even a simple Zen
haiku today

Ultimate Sacrifice

I hate this expression
Ultimate Sacrifice
it sounds like they gave up their parking space

Ultimate Sacrifice
They are gone
rotting in ground

And no one gave it much thought

Ruin the World

It seems to me:
India is trying to catch China
China is trying to catch the United States
The United States is trying to catch its own tail.
Why worry about global warming?
So far, this global warming thing has been pretty anti-climatic.
I mean, have you personally seen polar bears washing up on the beach?
I didn't think so.
Monsanto, Walmart, Exxon and all others the likes of you
Let's ruin the world.
Why not?
I want the American Dream
a big house, a lot of stuff, and a gun to protect it.
Kill it
Fuck it
The news on TV - wars and terrorism
They don't believe in the same things as you and me.
Support the troops - Are you shitting me?
Capitalism - growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell.
Go Wall Street go!
Aren't they a bunch of responsible individuals?
Raping the bank accounts of whoever so they can make their billions.

We want to "good ol' days" back!
I remember in college when my friend Bill Finance swallowed five handfuls Taster's Choice freeze-dried before taking a final exams and puking 15 minutes later.
I remember when Jerry Magnuson chugged a bottle of ketchup with a shot of vodka in it
I remember when Bill Nally drank the bong water
I remember the thrill of coming as soon as I got it in.
We want to return to the glory days muscle cars
We want to go back to Mayberry
But we can't
It's time to rip out that rear view mirror
and concentrate on the road ahead
But why look ahead?
Why fix this mess?
After all, the 21st century is a lie.
It's only a date on the Gregorian calendar.
2000 years after the birth of Jesus
It takes faith....
Bald old men wearing red beanies and dresses blowing white smoke
for 1.5 billion followers
...And in the other corner.... wearing beards and praying five times a day,
with white turbans, with enough intelligence to build a bomb
and still believing in 72 virgins in heaven!
Fucking stupid men!
People today...
with enough intelligence putting a man on the moon 44 years ago, now contemplating going to Mars
People with enough intelligence to clone an sheep and call it Dolly
Astrophysicists and cosmologists theorize the beginning of the universe, quantum mechanics and string theory.

But people need to believe in something....
believe in something more than their car's airbags
We want to believe in this timeless omnipresent invisible being.
Someone or Something we can identify with.
Someone or Something close to but greater than us.
We want to believe in our own eternity.

We can't face up to the facts.
Meanwhile, this place is getting more fucked up each day.

East Beach

A 360-degree blue sky beach day
Not a cloud or trouble to be found
The sun high and hot
Soaking into her bronze-tanned body
"You still look fabulous in a bikini," I said
My sincere compliment was returned with her beaming smile.

We walked lightly across the hot sand
Towards the restless water's edge
Gazing out at endless tide
Hearing to the sounds of the crashing waves
Taking in the unique smell of the sea
Some seagulls squawked and circled about

She carried the blanket
I manned the heavy cooler
We made our way down to the cool wet sand
There were countless smooth stones
and shells of all kinds to examine
The waves lapped our toes

Turing left, we walked along the beach
Spying a point in distance
Sometimes eyeing each other
"Keep going," I said.
Occasionally looking back at our footprints
Observing how far we've come together

Finally, we reached a secluded spot of our choice
Far away from the bright-colored beach umbrellas, beach chairs, noisy kids, and blaring radios.
We were now as alone as we could be on a beach day
We knew what we were there to do --
Or at least I knew what I wanted.
By this time we were already hot and sweaty

Spreading out the blanket created the mood
Like being swept away on a deserted island
We settled in on our oasis
All of your senses are heightened at the beach
The sense of sight, touch and smell.
Everything tastes better - anticipation rising

I love it wet,
Sweet, juicy
A nice pink color
A little sticky
Eat and wash your face at the same time
Watermelon is amazing

New Love

When I first saw you
I couldn't take my eyes off of you.
You shined, behind the glass
So far off....
I felt like a barefoot desert wanderer
afraid of mirages,
I gazed upon you
my oasis,
I watched you from afar
staring at your beauty and style
I had to hold you - to have you
Vowing to do whatever it took.
Dreaming of being inside you
Having you would be worth any effort
You - beyond my current means
I pushed on - you were my quest
Building up my courage to one day approach you
But to have you, it would take overtime
I was like a mountain climber - unstoppable
Who's obsession is to reach the peak

And, I remember that night
The night I took you home for the very first time
Your touch, your smooth skin
I loved your smell, the way your tongue felt
Finally the time came
the way you loosened and tightened

Oh, how I love my new shoes.

If you're happy and you know it....

Fear lies, she lays down to face another fearful untruth
She doesn’t love him
She tells herself this
Daily, while crying and begging him not to leave.
The curtains twitch on the opposite side of the street
The neighbours aren’t nosy
They tell themselves this
As they watch beady eyed the man opposite leave
Again and again, like an awful refrain in a song that all hate
Somewhere over the rainbow…

He loves her, he really does, passionately, definitely
He has love
He tells himself this
As he reaches into his hidden pocket for the money for the whore
She loves her job, loves her customers, loves what she does
She works happily
She tells herself this
As the bruises settle and the penicillin clears the rash
It’s the cash
Somewhere over the rainbow…

god is good, god is life the priest weeps with purity
as he drinks the blood
He tells god this
and pisses over the innocence of children
A lifetime of guilt, raped by a higher power
Not a higher self
Wishing to be someone else
He can’t watch children's TV anymore
The church roof needs fixing
Somewhere over the rainbow…
Telling ourselves things we do not believe.

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