The point of no return For Jimmy

The tired mirror image, misted by the morning shower
His last stand against himself and the power he had not
Electric phillishave horrors had no place for him
He was a mans man, weak, tanned white and not thin
He had wasted too much time, ageing as far from fine wine
as a person could get
His nose however, was like a fine bordeaux, in colour
He hated those ears, FA cup to the english
taxi doors to others
punching bags for his brother
landing pads for the slaps of his mother
He was going through with it
He thought to cut off his dick like some old Lou Reed song
But as atheist as he felt, his nerves of a fuckless heaven worried
He should go Bunuel style, slice open his eye
He knew it was a sheep in the film, but it felt right
His hand shaking raised, as his left eye glazed
His mind the same
He could not stand the shame the mirror gave
They had put him up to this
Those faceless fawning fiends wandering his life corridors
Family they say
Parricide was not enough, they would suffer not
Only minutes not years
But a one eyed son in their blind kingdom?
That would show them
The blood deep in the eye would be ocean black
He knew this.
He had reached his terminus
He was tired of living with us
So dripping cold red hate
He wiped the mirror
Wiped his eye, uncut coward like
And sliced
Left an Aladdin Sane like stripe
Ladies first
He was a gent after all
And when you reach the sign in life
That screams "stop, do not pass go"
You laugh and remember your manners.
"After you miss"

And the lights came on

Somewhere over the rainbow
The superman now a shade
the future portrayed
betrayed by life

Youthful voices a memory
Something in me

Then I saw her dance
And it was alright

People forgot
Rock and roll
Talked arty rot
There's old wave and new wave
No tears from I

I saw her dance
And it was alright

When you rock and rolled with me
I was never on my own
Even when most lonely
That only the nailed up curtains spoke
In rustling whispers
The electric pulse
Colder electric blue from you than any before
I loved that distance

She danced, honestly
And it was alright

I never had the cheekbones
Nor the clothes hanger frame
You were our fame
Monochrome dustbins and chip papers
Turned bright orange electric guitar
Hooligans in eyeliner
Punching the stones from each other
Time took our rizlas

She danced young and pure
And it was alright

Kicked off buses, sing song noisy
"Is gay sex wrong? If so, you be the girl, ok?"
We were too afraid anyway
That's why we were not famous
Well, outside of our heads
He never went away
Still hasn't
Paintings, posters adorn
Music forever pulsing through the tawdriest dawn

She danced in the sun
And it was alright

The TV played the saddest chords
The stereo undelivered
Typical, you never got what you expected
There was old wave, new wave and...

She danced, like the DJ cared
And it was alright

Nice to look back in wonder
Instead of anger
The angel came, cape torn, union Jack
The green land will forever be lighter
While his chords fuck the air
and screw the normal
Freak out indeed

She danced as Ziggy played his final guitar
And it was alright

Improbably Impossible

The impossible relaxation of death
The breeze the only breath now
Curling its way across waxen cheeks
"He's in a better place now"
The believers, really believe in their cross bought heaven?
I see no parties for dead children.
"Yes! He's dead! Fucking great, mate, he is in a better place"
no, it is all tears and "he was lovely, sexy, noisy, naughty, haughty and dead"
Why do not laugh when your friends burn?
Or your Mom dies?
You do not even believe your own lies
The joy should burst your puritan minds!
The very thought of pulling up a cloud next to Jesus
Lord please us
Take his soul not mine, I am not quite ready for the divine
Fake, fraud
Purple Bubbling anger.
You believe in heaven about as much as I do
I need no 10 commandments to be good
Nor a promise of a place unreal
a place even you believers cannot feel
No matter how hard you wank your faith
You cry when they die
laugh, laugh if heaven is true
They are in a better place than you.
Of course Jesus was white
Bronze age Mesopotamia was very European
Back then
I hope your tails grow back in your heaven
Stop crying
Granny is with god
The capricious old sod
And please do not forget you are all actually jews
Is that ok?
Oh I forgot, your moral code
The commandments 10
There are three versions of them
In the inerrant book
So get some kegs in
Put on your best pink suits
Throw away the black
Repair the faith you lack
And laugh your tits off at the dead
They are happy now

"Spider Lilies at Kinchakuda" - by Ivy C. Machida

The chilly winds of autumn
Are rustling the wavering leaves
Turning them shades of gold
Dimming their once luscious sheen.

And you, flaming fiery spider lily,
Where's your rustling
What's your call?

Leafless, widowed and shorn
You stand alone, a crest of wiry whiskers
Fraught with anxiety and quivering
As if in dire need.

I see you there, a stalk forlorn indeed
Gracing a gravestone
Somber and cold, bemoaning your loss of old -
Summoning spirits with your wispy claws.

As I stoop to ignite my joss
And meditate my own inexplicable loss,
I sense the smoky trail of incense
Swirling its web-like veil, wrapping you in its hold

Lingering in the air
Caressing us, like lost souls
Grieving, as if you and I were one.

And yet, and yet, at Kinchakuda -
You reign supreme and proud with your companions
Entwined in clusters and lost in the crowd -
Transcending all in luminous splendor.

Zooming crimson carpets you lay out
Along the river bank - blazing paths of red
Fit for royalty, nymphs and deities
Partaking in a momentary dance

Of infinite joy, pain and circumstance -
Aspiring to rekindle what once consumed
Our minds and bodies - now extinct -
A needful reassurance of kindred ties

That bound our hearts and souls together -
Enshrined and emblazoned
In the bosom of sweet repose
Each autumn at Kinchakuda by the river.


Another Horror Halloween Story

I give up...
Hands up, don’t shoot.... I submit
aka. also known as: I don’t give a shit.
All the juice has been sucked out
Needle and tube in the arm
Or a razor to the wrist
Life-blood draining on the floor
Has turned me into Zombie,
A member of the Walking Dead…
In a world of fear
A world of indecision
A world of gray
A walking shadow
A ghost
Wandering the earth
Groping like a blind my on a windy day
The world has become one giant fucking shopping mall
With shit for sale
Piled sky high all around me...
Sameness and mediocrity
Everything and everyone for sale
And everyone is a salesman
Preachers telling us what to believe
Algorithms that now define me.
Making us pay
by Easy Pay
Your user ID and password
Guards at the doors
No exit

Black Lives matter
Police Lives Matter
All Lives Matter!
Are you shittin’ me?
First, I hate to tell you, but “Nothing Matters” – not really
Most of it is just make-believe
Go ahead, pray to Jesus
Go blow yourself up for Allah
Don'' worry, the devil always has your back
All Lives Matter must be why guns are made
All Lives Matter – how people treat on another
All Lives Matters must be why flowers are placed on graves
All Lives Matter – how we treat the other creatures on this planet

You know… I’m changing my view on guns.
Ironically, guns are the last bit of personal power –
A last gasp of freedom
Whether having to defend yourself against the crazies
Or just going on your own fucking rampage,
before they take you out.
Or whether to choose to blow your brains out
When you’ve had enough.

Yep, Freedom is on the march
Marching backwards.
While we are tethered to our smart phones
Where are lives are increasingly kept
We watch the world
In front of the TV
Believing what we see
We make up out minds after getting a good brainwashing
But I always wear a smile when I leave the house,
When I go out side.
I always wear a smile because I could be on
“Smile, You’re on Surveillance Camera.”

Naughty Sky Man

I get angry, angered and angsty
Sad, saddened and solipsistic
But never capricious
I am not in his image
I am not of his seed
Nor of his soil
I will refuse to toil
For a paradise I want not
While a hell where souls rot
Burns bright
Death worship
Human sacrifice are the foundations
Are the awful edifice of hate
That takes donations away from the hungry
We will wake up
To the lie
As we did with Baal, Zeus and the tooth fairy
come on, Adam and Eve, the first
Their kiddies Cain and Able got married
To whom? It does not fit
This poorly written
desert dwelling shit
There were no other folks
Maybe that is the greatest of god's jokes
Cain and Able were gay
But had kiddies anyway
Dear Leviticus had a few words
That rancid biblical turd
And suddenly we have rules
Over who can fuck whom
And there's a mighty doom
to swallow any who disobey
It is sunday, do not pick up sticks?
Who really gives a shit
No priest nor preacher
Nor sunday school teacher
Yet these are the inerrant words of the lord!
You pick and choose
Which rules you use
Well so do I
They are just different from yours
And have only one intended course
To help love spread wider than your lies

Lizard - 10 minutes I will not get back

Smiling like a lizard, on a train
Cold blood fighting the air
The sweat
The people staring
Scaly fucker
The monk shaves his head
Shining tako yaki dome
Cause he is supposed to
Cause others do
The lizard just smiles
Rips off his own tale
Uses it as a whip on his ancient lover
The snake howls, spitting
The tail grew back
The monk started singing
Droning on
Orange fucker
The christians said "good morning, enjoy your day"
The lizard smiled a "go fuck yourself" smile
Give christians nail guns
Step on the ants
Eat meat
Indeed! Only order meat
Do not hide it behind bacons, steaks and burgers
"Ready to order?"
"Meat please"
Draw a cartoon, prophet like
Eat bombs for breakfast
Glue them to amazon drones
Flying quiet to their homes
The failed maths test
The aftermath
The lizard smiles and thinks
Ningen Shikaku
Dazzling Dazai
"Let us jump and die together"
She slipped
He wrote a book
The lizard hated the lack of art
on his arctic walls
white, off white, white, off white
Smiling Lizard
Clean scales shining
Brooks Brothers smothers the truth
But the scales are there
The christian fucked the monk
Buddha kissed some christ
The Imam thought "that's nice"
The lizard flicked out his noxious tongue
and licked them one by one
then smiled
as the sun ran at the world
we all knew why the moon had always looked so scared
it knew what was coming
the lizard?
He was hit by a truck
driven by a 19 year old
on her way to college
to shoot some "fuckers"
with her nail gun
"god bless"

Remembering the Jubilee - a girl they called Albion

as the light starts to burn
from the bulb on the lamp
and life takes a turn
against a heart cold and damp
and too many pictures swirl
a lonely bowie tune invades
and reminds of the girl
a 1977 parade
of colour and hate
as a queen's crown is recalled
as the blind masses elate
fists are being balled
with knuckles off cream white
as the anger boils
the born lucky shine bright
with fear in their halls
as the power slips
and the girl's face shines
her beauty does eclipse
the unemployment lines
and the powder wraps strewn
begging you for a game
and the shadows in the room
ejaculating your name
the razor cuts well
as it it should that's its job
and a snow fuelled hell
unleashes a mob
of neurons sparking
and firing a mind
that a girl so sparkling
has left long behind
and the truth stays buried
in the fairytale well
where as children we tarried
ignoring the smell
of the sweat and celebration
spewed across albion's land
a girl as a nation
grasping for friendly hands

"I am fucking drowning! Stop waving back!"


When I was in high school we used an expression, “Eat me,” And then, the other person would reply “Eat me raw.” Har, har, har….

But let me digress a bit to when I was about five years old. My parents took me to a slaughterhouse to buy meat for the freezer, before the raw cold Connecticut winter set in. The Stafford Springs slaughterhouse sold meat from white refrigerators to the side of the slaughtering area. And that day was, Kosher day. One at a time, huge all black cattle were grabbed live by their hind legs and hoisted skyward by winches. Upside-down, the animal screamed and fought with all its might. Then rabbi walked up with a huge blade, and after saying a very brief prayer, with a swift movement cut the head off the screaming animal. Its head dropped to the floor in a pool of steaming blood. The sound of torture, killing and death was unbearable. I ran out of there, escaping my mother’s attempt grab a hold of me. I threw up on the dirt parking area.

I thought how fucked up… these men dressed in their black suits with odd hats and scraggly beards. Their killing an animal in such an extreme manner for our benefit. Though not for us, actually for themselves…. Jews.

At Catechism were filed with ideas heaven and hell from the Catholic nuns, showing Jesus standing on pillowy clouds. The book had pages of pictures of the damned being tortured in hell: burning tar being poured on heads, naked men being sawed in half, a man standing wait deep in human excrement. We were told non-Catholics would never get to heaven.

Sunday communion offered purification from my childish sins. We lined up waiting to be given the body and blood of Christ. At en early age, I sensed how fucked up all of this was, as I was trying to make sense of it all... make sense of my little world.

Oh yeah…. "Eat me.” Har, har har…. Little did I know at the time, that the expression “Eat me raw” would lead to a path to where I am today - in Japan.... where eating things raw is the norm. But even getting here, Japan, I encountered many things that were raw along the way,

I remember those long and raw cold in the Connecticut winters. Growing up, there wasn’t much raw food there. My father loved his meat. He liked his steak very rare - bloody. I always asked my mother to cook it for me…. a little more.

Raw. Those memories of growing up. That slaughterhouse and more that I’d like to be able to forget. But let’s stay with the food theme…

It wasn’t until I reached Saipan in 1977 that I ate raw fish for the first time. It was in the island’s Palauan bar, named the Tappa Bar. It was dark and sleazy. My new-found island friend, Jose Camacho, ordered sashimi. What’s sashimi? I thought. But this was an island…. raw fish… Sure why not?

Little chunks of dark red raw fish were delivered on the table. He doused it with some dark soy sauce, and he waited for me give it a taste. With a cold beer, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so excotic – so raw.

Eating something raw like that for the first time - well that’s not exactly true.... In college, I worked part-time in a machine shop on weekends and the lathe operator Al said to me: “If you eat her pussy, she will never leave”. Well, that wasn’t true either.

But going back at the Palauan bar, the entertainment that night was a young lady on stage who could make smoke come out her pussy. After demonstrating that, and some other tricks with her body, she gave some guy a blowjob on stage. It was a bit in of a shock… I had never seen something quite so raw before…well, at least not publicly. In the Tappa Bar, raw fish and now this - public head. Well, today you might say… let me put it this way: I like oral sex, I just hate the phone bills.

Where was I? Or rather, where am I? Tokyo… We eat many things raw here: sushi, sashimi, salad…. Even raw horse – basashi, and raw whale. I’ve eaten raw chicken, tori sashimi. I don't know if you remember, some six-year-old kid who ate raw beef ball a few years ago, and died – bacteria. His father, who took his son to the restaurant, was on TV. He cried.

And I’ve even heard of a bar that serves raw pig liver. But there are some things where I draw the line. Actually, I’m quite conservative. Politically, I may be so far left that I’m off the map. But I’m quite conservative…. about sex -- where to stick my dick. You see me and my little Richard… we’ve been best friends for a very long time. And you’ve got to treat your friends right. Kabukicho can be pretty raw. Been there…. The mind was strong, but the flesh was weak.

Buy the way, what is your favorite sushi? There are so many tastes that come around in a kaiten-zushi. Fishy raw things - at least most are eaten raw: maguro (tuna), tako (octopus), uni (sea urchin), I like raw ika (squid), call me weird but it reminds of …… it’s fishy sweet taste and it’s smooth texture. Speaking of such things raw, who doesn't like raw oysters? I like to touch my tongue on the wet mollusk while not touching it’s shell. Moving my tongue around pretending to hear it giggle.

But what I like most raw… The thing I like most that’s raw is… the raw truth. Don’t sugar-coat it. Don’t pack in it lies. Let it be painful. Let it be true. Because I’d rather have the truth and be unhappy... than be happy….. with the lie.

Death on the shore

I just saw a picture of a child
Flat, dead and grey on a beach
She looked like my daughter
It hurt like glass in my eyes
A disastrous juxtaposition
The holiday sand
Rendered cruel by the hands
Of us
All of us
Blame the politicians
Blame some capricious god
Blame, the game we play
to keep the truth at bay
that every filthy fuck
sitting in their gilded chairs
have us to thank for putting them there
the shame is burning my eyes
as tears crawl down a face
that is wrinkled with their salt
like the child's skin
mauled by a sea
as without feeling as most of us
And I write words
I write words
And do precisely nothing

You The man

No, I am not, not today
The clouds in the eyes, stoney grey
the lids blink, broken indicator like
No light

Feeling sicker than a jackpot machine
Just spewed the last coin
A mean and cold despair
Is knocking, knocking

Watching the planes
Silent, moving across the sky sea
Sunless, wishing away
Fingers crossed 'til white

The bomb that turned a desert green
The beheading video
The silly crucifix fixated
Pain for sale

Wanna buy some?

You the man


Melancholy Mind by Joe Zanghi

Bad news sinks the heart
But there is no reason to ask "Why?"
Every road is built with accidents.

Some days promise gold
Other days lie beneath a dark roof
Today is like that.

Saturday hangover dribblings

A thought popped into his head
It died of loneliness
So he decided to run for mayor
People screamed it was unfair
That a dolt with so little to offer
Could get his hands so close to the city's coffers
But they voted for him anyway
Animal farm
Baaa Baaa Baaa

"Come over here darling!"
The group attraction line
Works every time
Until their Mom opens their curtains
And says "time for breakfast son"
I should say the same to their Mom
Let the festivities begin
Fists swinging
"Momma I just killed a man"
God save the queen

"After you miss"
Vinegar and piss
Is the reply ejaculated
Better spoken than spattered
As if courtesy matters
In this PC world
Don't hold the door for that girl
Punch her
We are equal
And then there's the sequel

"A Good Man Is Hard to Find" by Joe Zanghi

"A good man is hard to find." Are you shittin' me? It’s practically impossible!
Of course, I’m not including any of you good men here in this room
I’m talking about all the others - outside
A good man is hard to find
First off, all men want to do is fuck
Now, I don’t think fucking is so bad
After your horny testosterone years - full with idealism, confidence, rebellion, and walking around with a boner all day - you know...the age just ripe for the military - the age when you either want to fuck it or kill it.
One day, reality sets in and you get some lame job that finally zaps all the piss and vinegar youth out of you.
A good young man turns into someone else - a Republican or worse, a redneck.
And a “good” man gets even harder to find.
Yep. each year life gets a little worse
Your hair goes gray and/or goes away
Wrinkles appear, your face gets saggy
After decades of beer, your body gets flabby
You look back and remember the good old days
They were the good old days only because that’s when you were young.
Each year life gets a little worse
Until, one day all you have is a dangling short piece of rope between your legs
That’s why they created Viagra
But, did you know that the oldest man on record to father a child was 92
A good old man is hard to find.

How about a good woman?
A good wo-Man is hard to find.
Or as Flannery O’Connor put it:
“She would've been a good woman," said The Misfit, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.
Or as my Uncle Louie used to say, “People are no damn good, but women are worse.”
Yep, A good wo-Man is hard to find.
First, women, the good ones….
Good women get gobbled up quick - high demand, low supply
I’m talking statistically here, not individually
They get fucked - and fucked over - mainly by men
"Women are the Niggers of the World. Yes they are."
I didn’t write that - the "N" word, and neither did John Lennon
Actually Yoko Ono wrote most of the song. It takes a woman to write that.
And nobody liked that song.
Even banned on the radio. A song about gender equality
Gender equality, how's that progressing?
Racial relations, how’s that going?
And, at the time, nobody liked that Jap bitch Yoko supposedly for breaking up the Beatles.
Dear John, who art in heaven, if I had to write pop songs or just another silly love song with Paul MaCartney, I’d rather go solo, or be dead.
Wait, John is dead -- Shot by some fucking lunatic
Evidence, a good man is hard to find
And a great man is hard to stay alive.
Kennedys, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. They even killed Jesus and look what that started.
I guess it’s just better to stay an inconspicuous asshole.

A good man is hard to find?
I figured that one out early on
And is one of the reasons to date women.
I like women. Like my uncle Louie used to say, “Women, you can’t beat’em.”
It’s really a game, isn’t it? Relationships.
A game I mean - you all know the game jun-ken-pon
Scissors beats paper. Rock beats scissors. Paper beats rock
But nothing, nothing beats a blowjob.
Actually a bad girl is hard to find - you know, one who swallows

A good man is hard to find. A good woman is hard to find - Sac le bleu!
These days, it’s not PC to single out one gender
That would be sexist. And fuck I wouldn’t want to be called that.
A good hu-Man is hard to find
So if I said I hated the entire human race, would that still make me a racist?
Men or should I say people aren't just needy they are also greedy.
The history of MAN has 4 Gs: Greed, God, Guns, and Glory
On this note, Donald Richie wrote:
“The world does not like nice guys. Not really. They always come in last, says Western wisdom. And Eastern wisdom acts as if they do. They are charming, fun to be with, absolutely trustworthy, and so what? So says the world.”


Normal headstrong mildy, never ate carrots
Killed his family with an old iron
Kept his Mom's old head in a new washing machine
A zanussi, he liked their adverts
Back in the day
He remembered the yellow colours

Blew up a safe to tamper his school reports
Everyone was so proud
Back in the day
It got him a new bicycle
Made him feel like a Syd Barrett song
Almost famous, always hoping

He found jesus at a bus stop
Inside a plastic bag of solvent
He asked him his thoughts on the third Reich
He could not remember the answer
But he liked the smell
Back in the day, his jesus smelled of glue

Woke up, leather jacket gone
Wearing an old nazi helmet
felt like a new haircut
Back in the day, straight sides
Swore off mandrax after that
The old gods spoke too much

He liked all races equally
"All shit tasted similar"
He knew his subject matter well
He smiled at the moon
Because it felt the same as he
Back in the day

Before the moon fell
Before the moon fell
before the moon fell
afore the fell moon
back in the day

Time to sharpen your axe boy
There are wolves out there
With political masks
Daring you to ask
That one honest question
"Who the fuck are you?"

Do Not Accept
Do Not Accept
Ad infinitum
Ad Nauseam

Unwanted Dead or Alive by JZ

I turned on the TV
To scenes warning...
A warning that the scenes could disturb me
Me? Disturb me?
Now that's seems a stretch, don't ya think?
A black boy shot dead lying on the street
Video of a big man being choked by the police
A bomb goes off in a far off land
It's an exclusive report
The camera zooms in on the blood
The reporter points and says "See"
Should scenes like these bother me?
Have I become accustomed, numbed?
To all these faces wanted dead or alive
In the mirror, I ask, "Does all this bother me?"
Staring back, a face on a poster
A face that looks just like me!
With the words in bold below

I figure mostly we are Wanted Alive
At least for a while
Now born to produce and buy
Shop til you drop - it's good for the economy
Certainly we're not Wanted Dead
When you're dead…
You and me
What good can you be?
Maybe we are not really wanted at all - not really
Once upon a time, the air was pristine
What have we done to the air, land and sea?
Life is breath
A soldier's last breath
Who dies fighting others for reasons
For reasons that frankly are beyond me.
Life is breath
Those dying of old age...
Of natural causes - the cruelest joke
Our lives smothered by time
Maybe no one is Wanted - not really

So while I still have breath
Just leave me alone
While I try to make my way.
Just let me be
Just let me be UNWANTED
Dead or Alive

"Aflame" by Ivy C. Machida

An emptiness waiting to be filled

Almost all the pieces in place -
Robust and broad-framed
A confident swagger
A friendly grin so eager
To please and tease the ailing heart -
A stir, a stiffening
A cry lost in the breeze.

An emptiness waiting to be filled

A shudder, a thudding
A streak of lightning
A flash from above -
Thunderstruck and struggling
I shifted my glance
And looking askance and about-face,
I found you once again

A brimming vessel of resplendent grace.

On my TV

There’s alien abductions
Volcanic eruptions
Tidal wave destructions of the poor and oppressed
Distress beacons with no bulbs or batteries
These are the headlines
Mine’s a double whisky with earplugs
And drinkers made of lead
Half a million dead
No bread on the table for the widow and paralysed son
Buy a gun to shoot the breeze
Knees chaffed from praying for something
Nothing on its way
No one wants to pay
Land mine assault courses on the way to school
Man from the States shot himself in the face while working on his new stool
How we laughed
Under staffed talk show hosts with Ladybird questions to the VIPs
Multiple choice
Just multiple choice
The voices of billions crying out for change
Crying out for a wider range of choices
But not today I’m sorry
Not until the moon explodes and roads are built
Odourless guilt pouring out the screen.

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
But I didn't see any black man forced to the ground
Five Men in Blue wrestling one large unarmed man to the pavement that day
Five of NYPDs finest holding one guy down
One having him a chokehold
Another pushing his head on the concrete.
I didn't hear Eric Garner call out "I can't breathe"
I didn't hear Eric Garner call out "I can't breathe"
11 times
While a few other police officers looked on.
I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
But I didn't see anything wrong because my TV screen was white
And I believe the police have a tough job to do.

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
but the TV speakers went mute so didn't hear the news reports
How Eric Garner sells loose cigarettes for a living on the street
From my perspective, it seems like a tough life, don't you agree?
Enterprising, but doing it without a license
And that's a crime, you see
That's a crime on a Staten Island street
I guess, selling loose cigarettes would be a crime on any US city street
Hell no, Eric Garner! You can't do that!
Everybody knows that.
And now, Eric Garner 43 is dead

I watched the news but I didn't see the tears in Esaw Garner his wife's eyes
when it was announced that no policeman will be indicted
And I didn't see the tears in his widow's eyes calling for justice….
calling for justice "until her last breath."
I didn't see Eric Garner's six grieving children
and his grandchildren he left behind
You see, I didn't hear or see anything
Because my TV screen was white
and I believe the police have a tough job to do.

And I'm not going to do anything when these kinds of things happen
When unarmed black men are killed by cops
And I'm not going to say or do anything about the racial situation
Stop and frisk (or some version of it) is a good idea
if I think... it makes me feel more... safe
In my book, we should all just follow the rules:
Stay home
Watch TV
Own a gun
and eat
Hey, the New England Patriot's football game is on tonight

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV, but I didn't see a thing.
I have other things on my mind...
For example, I'm fightin' in the War on Christmas
A Christian soldier yelling "It's Merry Christmas" and not fucking "Happy Holidays."
And damning all you atheists to Hell.
So as you can see, I'm already feelin' a little stressed out
Because I've still have a lot more "CHRISTMAS" shopping to do
So forgive me, while I put my head in this wet sand
In the bucket under my real "CHRISTMAS TREE"
keeping my perfectly decorated "CHRISTMAS TREE" green for a few days.
I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV...
But I didn't see a thing.


I know
I'll probably go...
go to hell
but my last night...
My last night, I want…..
I want to go to Kabukicho
Kabukicho…. is where I want to go

Where Tokyo's night is carnival lit
And hawkers ask if I want sex.
In Kabukicho
That's where to go….Kabukicho
Lose yourself for the night
Lose yourself for a night of sin in Sinjuku

All my senses are stirred
A mixed cocktail of shop signs and lights
a blur of alcohol, desire and thrill
A wild night of mizuwari
Where anything goes
and everything is alright
In Kabukicho….

If this town could talk.
it would scream the bombing of Tokyo in 1945
Kabukicho was razed to the ground.
And out of the rubble….
a kabuki theater was planned, never built
But the name Kabukicho stuck.
Instead, they built the "Sleepless Town"
of mizu shobai and the like
where the yakuza rule
rule over playful minds
all looking for some touch

Its hostess and host clubs, brothels, strip and sex shows.
Love hotels and massage parlours
Sex shops selling lingerie, dildos, vibrators and other sex aides.
Hey? How about taking in a drag show?
Under the red lights of Kabukicho

Oh darn, my last train is gone
I'm left behind here in Kabukicho
Oh my…. my shoulder & lower back seem tight
and feel in need of attention
Oh look! the shop's name: Asian Feeling
What goes on in secret behind that opaque door?
"Harro harro," a bubbly Ayumi greets my entrance
Minimal conversation comes with a massage
and a happy ending… saving the best for last.
Leaving me with rubbery legs and shoulders
from the looseness she provided.

Someday I'm probably going to hell
but my last night
I want….. I want to go to Kabukicho
My last night in Kabukicho
That's where I want to go

Thought Crime...Close your ears Jesus, here come a doozy

Back from the cold, raisin sack, shrivelled and old
And the mould from which Syphilis was cured
Makes me think of you
The dope in the iphone box
The pipes with half burned rocks
The powdery ghost mirrors are cracked
All razor blades are lost
And the smile of the crucified son...
"Thanks Dad"
And why is Wednesday's child filled with Woe?
We can add "Day-ist" to the political correctness map
"Mixed race, lesbian, hermaphrodite born on a Wednesday shocker!"
And physics finally proved that god, vampires and good beatles songs exist
yet no time travellers turned up to Hawking's party, so what does he know?
He's so slow, texas instrument man
clever though, so I am told
If I may be so bold as to say
"thanks dad"
Caesar salad, named after a hotel not an emperor
Croutons for Caesar
His Mother had an awful abdominal scar mind you
Said the camp guard to the Jew
and history is skewed
So the losers always lose
And when did FUCK become rude?
"Thanks Vicky"
How's the prince albert?
The piercing, yes the piercing screams
Of royalty diminished
Religion crushed and finished
and the gods of today
wander on their totalitarian way
holding hands with the shades of their fathers
"thanks dad"

Dark Halloween Poem

I live in a dark corner where people don't want to go.
Where light can't come in but I can see out.
I can reach out and snatch you one by one
or wipe out an entire town... just for fun

My job has gotten easier over time
These days I often put up my feet up, relax, and just watch
I especially enjoyed Apocalypse Now
The scene porting my face of Horror, "The horror…"
It was a tribute to my craft

Blood and guts spilled on the ground are my art
And I take great glee in your emotional response
A big bomb hare, a little mass murder there
Your asking "Why?"
My answer is: "I really don't care"

And if you think you can go down to the Crossroads to make a deal
I'll let you in on a little secret, it's all in your head.

I am ignorance and hate
I am jealousy and greed
I am a needle, a razor
I am torture and pain
I make no apologies
It's just the way I am

In the end…perhaps not today
your pursuit for fountain of youth is in vain
Trust me, I cannot be beat.

I live in a dark corner where people don't want to go.
Where light can't come in, but I can see out.
And If there's one thing you can take to the bank
It's that I can guarantee...
I can guarantee that one day we will meet.

"Once Upon a Time"- by Ivy C. Machida

Once upon a time
Snow enthralled and captivated me
With its dazzling symphony -
Spellbound and forsaking all
I trailed along, sublime in its hold -
Snowy illusions -
Visions of purity
Simplicity, magnanimity
Swirling in powdery sheets
Of glistening whiteness.

Now, four decades on,
A similar blizzard came this way -
An historic happenstance they say.
It called again on me -
To mock - claim victory - glory?

A sad, sad story, you say -
Your youthful heart is heavy
Your eyes drip tears for me.

Why do I stay
Can there ever be an answer -
Can one break free?

A sad story, you persist -
What story?
That fateful tale of snow-draped Kyoto
Four decades ago -
That illusive chance enslavement
By dazzling sheets of fleeting glory
That shrouded all in magical garb
And hid from me the dregs below.

Held captive in its sway
I perceived all as neat and pure
Sweet and simple as life could be
The good old Nippon way.

Was it an escape,
A withdrawal?
A dread to meet reality -
A reality if I had stood my ground
And headed home instead to serve
Where I belonged -
But stayed too long
To play and drift along
With the chummy snow -
Subtly thrusting its mystique
Upon the unsuspecting psyche.

The flying snow - this time around
Stayed and hardened into icy blocks
Like treacherous rocks -
Can one break free
And claw a way out?

Ah, only the heat of summer
That final home
Can thaw you out
Make you whole -
And set you free!

Look back, you press on,
To the land of your ancestors
Where once upon a time
You belonged -
A sojourner nevermore!


Fucked-up Blues

Life is fucked up – I’ll tell ya.
Let’s start off with it’s aches and pains
A headache
A toothache
A stomachache
Then you never know
when you are going to be hit
by some nasty disease....
You wake up one day and find out
that you're fucked.

happen unexpectedly.
Fucks you up

Life is fucked up – I’ll tell ya.
It’s bad enough that we’re all chasing a buck to pay the bills
Always with some asshole with his hand reaching in your pocket
trying to extract whatever you have in your wallet

Then there’s heartbreak
I can still draw her naked body
in my mind from memory.

Keep On Shoppin' In The Real World

There's bargains in the malls
In Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store and so many, many more
People standing in cashier lines
Wallets open and shiny gold credit cards
Ready to buy
Adding to their debt
Debt - that’ll keep people in check
But what the heck? We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

Most of the stuff comes from China
It says so on the box.
How does that familiar old song go?
“Nothing could be finer that comes from mainland China”
Look in my shopping cart
Look at all this stuff
Look at these fine plastic knives I’m gonna buy. We
Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world
We are baby boomers
We are the millenias
We are those in betweeners chasing after a chunk of pie
Hey, what ever happened to all those 60’s hippies?
Flower children with their anti-establishment protests
Their psychedelic colors have faded
Grown old with wrinkled faces
Their drugs must have wore off
Becoming what we once criticized. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

But there's a warnin' sign
Climate change ahead
There's a lot of people sayin'
A lot of people are gonna be dead
Lack of basic necessities - like water
Shrinking resources causing wars
For now we try to forget it,
Any way we can. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

I see a homeless man on the street
Maybe he is a veteran
Maybe he is a she – Can’t tell…too dirty to say
0r just someone just down on his luck and in need
People pass by…On their way to work
On their way to lunch at Hooters for something to eat. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

They say, “The more you know, the less you need”
So look around… at all the stupid shit
I don’t want to bitch
That’s not my schtick
We all know Life is now on the internet
Profiling us
Telling us what to get
Order it on line
Free shipping
Hurry up
It’s 8:30. If I order now it will arrive by 9.
I want it now. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

World Cup

World Cup
I like this football thing: the World Cup.
Apparently other people do too.
Football - call it soccer - if you prefer
If you call it soccer, I won't call you a wanker - just an American
I like this football thing: the World Cup
Rooting for your national team, the colors, the flags, the banners, the noisy fans, and their noise makers.
True the scores aren't great.
Sometimes after 2 hours ending in a disappointing nil nil draw.
Then the winner is decided by PK
PK? I say Puck Kyou!
Like the Stanley Cup Playoff games
Play to the death! A sudden death
Take out the goal keeper. The next score wins!
Finally, something would add some excitement to the match.

I know, I know...The World Cup in Brazil has attracted much controversy.
Spending money on stadiums instead of schools, hospitals and services for the poor.
A piss-poor exercise of priorities to be sure
I'm no economist. I'm not sure of what will trickle down.
On the other hand, there's so much bad news out there
maybe I, we, all need a break.
What would you prefer?
Money spent on football and a fleeting World Cup dream
or spending billions on bombs and war?
In fact, we have little voice in this world
unless our voices swell into a frightening roar

So right now in 2014, I like this football thing.
It's not like real life
In football, get too aggressive and what happens?
A yellow card is given.
And when someone gets real rough and tough, a red card is handed out.
Not like in real life when someone takes out a gun.
Imagine, if you can, the armies in the world
millions of boney-kneed soldiers in their shorts
Their only offense - their speed and agility
Armed with only shin guards for defense
I know, I know. So how about women in this army?
First off, two equal wrongs do not make an Equal Right.
Second, in this army, I'd prefer seeing women wearing a little skimpier attire
like that of Maria Sharapova.
Some say that war has always existed
What about soccer? (Again football if you prefer.)
Some suggest that the history of soccer dates back as far as 2500BC,
the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese all appear to have partaken
in feet-based games involving a ball.
For example, in China “Tsu-Chu” or “kick ball” as it translates.
Records of the game begin during the Tsin Dynasty (255-206BC)
But I don't mean to bore you with such football trivia.
But the ball really seem to got rolling (pun intended) in modern Europe from the 9th century onwards, when in England entire towns would kick a pig's bladder from one landmark to another.
To me, that explains British football fans in a nutshell.
It seems that we humans have always liked
to have a little friendly competition from time to time.
So how did we get so violent?
It seems that football is a uniter and not a divider
For example in America: Americans love their brand of football - The Superbowl
Where oversized men with low IQs and pumped full of steroids
slam into each other with helmets and suits of armor.
The objective of the game is to put the pig skin across the goal line
and inflict concussions
But look what happened the other day!
When America won a World Cup game.
Suddenly. the country embracing the round-ball version of the game
Chanting USA USA USA.
Just like they yelled after US special forces took out Osama Bin Laden.
I like this football thing - The World Cup
It just seems to me, instead of our fighting over oil and God,
and the glory of killing
We should all get on the ball
(And you know I'm all for balling)
Maybe life all like football
And maybe it's all meaningless:
Whether we win, lose or draw
The only thing that matters is happiness
the feeling of ecstasy that happens
when someone on the team (maybe even you)
puts the ball in the goal
Puts his thing in that hole.

At the Community Center by Ivy C. Machida

Here I sit
With two teenage girls
By my side, sharing a desk
At the city's community center
Serving citizens' needs.

First we breathe
Then we chat
To get a feel of each other.
They were rote-learning for a test
When I took my seat.

I tell them
I'm 'gai-jin' -
Wide-eyed, they feign surprise
For I seemed so much like them
In color, skin and tone.

But then the details
Begin to spill
Across the great divide
In shades of temperament
Traits and traces

In aspirations, schooling
And many things else – mine spanning
Continents, oceans, moons, galaxies -
Theirs fresh greening saplings
Of these quiet isles, ready to bud

And bloom, if only they knew how
To set aglow and spark
The glimmering flame within
Flickering like the morning sun
At dawn, heeding the call to journey forth

Steadfastly on the road ahead
Earnestly grasping the gems of truth and light
Riding the trail of the ever-blazing sun
In brilliant shades of crimson and gold
Glittering with individual hopes and dreams.

I strive to spur and prod them on
To search their souls and set their goals -
Reach for the stars
Pluck them from the skies
And make them their own.

They cast a doubtful eye at me
Incredulous as it might seem -
Soon they'll know- and plod on down
The well-trodden paths, savoring the fruits of life
As I have done, long before their time.

I take my leave
And journey on -
Tracing paths beyond the far horizon
On a voyage they too will embark upon
Inevitably, at journey's self-fulfilling end.

Late Spring Song by Ivy C. Machida

The spring winds roared
Swaying the laden cherry trees
Scattering blizzards of falling petals
Flurrying like dizzy fragments
Flickering ghostly patterns
Across the void and vast expanse of sky.

They billow and blow -
Where are they scurrying to?

I trace a blurry vision of your face
An essence of you wafted by -
A whiff of you, a momentary thrill,
A prick of remembered loss -
And then they flickered out, fleeing
Like an unbidden glimpse of eternity

Gone with the wandering wind -
Oh, what will bring it all back?

Ah, a new dawn awaits
A needful awakening -
A greening glory of fulfillment
And boundless virility
To adorn the barren heart and trees
In woods as thick and warm and luscious

Until summer comes -
Summering you back again!


Long after he has gone, I have him. Still. On the tips of my fingers. I don’t want to eat, wash my hands, brush my teeth. I shouldn’t talk. I want to wrap myself in Gladwrap and slowly suffocate in his scent. Draw arrows on my neck pointing to his teeth marks. I delight in the marks he leaves on my body. But he is always late and I am never his important date. So I set my watch to Daresbary time and wear it to bed. I dream that Miyazaki’s Totoro comes to get me in the cat bus. I’m eating marmalade on toast and working out a difficult mathematics equation. The cat bus dips and I fall out and am swallowed by a rabbit hole. Distorted hands claw at me as I fall. I see a glimpse of his waistcoat forever ahead of me. The tick of a pocket watch grows louder until I wake up. Alone. I won’t cry when he leaves me. I’ll know it’s because I have outgrown him. As he always said I would. I won’t argue when he closes the door behind him. We will have come to the end. I knew that we were temporary. He told me long before we started. I won’t follow him when he leaves me. I’ll just watch him leave and scurry down his rabbit hole. Back to Alice.

You Can't Fix Stupid

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing, nothing I can do
Global warming ravaging us like a furious god
Current trends, speeds and attitudes
But we're turning a blind eye
Some calling it a hoax
Look over the horizon
we're totally doomed

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing I can do
Common sense says more guns equal only more violence and death
Let's hand a gun to everyone instead
0bsession with and addiction to firearms,
American 2nd Amendment gun fetish

I want to make it all right
But there's nothing I can do when....
A dinosaur bone, we know beyond a doubt is between 60 and 70 million years old.
But a whopping 24 percent believe dinosaurs and man simultaneously hung out.

Belief versus evidence...
Those who claim evolution is still a theory
Believing that Jesus literally flew up out of a cave and into the sky.
Living according to this "reality"
Do you believe in angels?
Forty-five percent of Americans do.
And nearly 30 percent believe cloud computing involves actual clouds.
18 percent still believe the sun revolves around the Earth.
Six percent of Americans believe in unicorns.
Now you can see why....
Why we are totally fucking fracked?

Glued to TV, reality shows, major media, Fox News...
Everything is scripted - targeted for a 5th-grade education
and the attention span of an aphid

Hardly anyone reads anymore....
Instead gawking at some guy doing his 15 seconds of YouTube fame
A guy breaking 56 eggs on his head in 30 seconds..
A guy playing the violin on a bicycle while riding backwards
The man with the longest ear hair
That right, and so much more; it's all there

Safe to say about 37 percent of Americans are just are not very bright.
Take for example. my friend Bill
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Not academically gifted
He's got the IQ of a salad bar
The guy is all foam, no beer
His antenna doesn't pick up all the channels
Bright as a tulip bulb
He has both oars in the water but no boat.
A few feathers short of a duck
Dumber than a box of rocks

We want to make it all right, we really do
But there's nothing you can do
You can't fix stupid
Baka wa shinanakya nanorani

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