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The future is unknown
What I want to know is:
What happens when you
When you run out of time?
All those lonely nights
All those busy days
So why….
The world spins
The world spins round and round
The clouds in the sky
The clouds float by
The rain drops down
The water soaks into the ground
And the waves crash
They crash
Never ending
And it goes on and on
And on and on
And on and on
Long after I’m gone.
I can only give thanks to the Sun for waking me. . .
For waking me each day.
I can only give thanks to the Sun for its light
I can only give thanks to the Sun for making things grow
I can only give thanks to the Sun for warming the earth
And for warming my bare skin.
The future is unknown
What I want to know is:
What happens when you
When you run out of time?
So why….
Why do they make it only harder
When we only have just one life?

Points of no return

The point of no return
My whiskey glass smashes on the floor in a billion pieces
Like our friend Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall
so broken, no one could mend
The point of no return....
When you say something, you can’t take back.
Like, “I don’t love you anymore”
All the king’s horsemen and all the kings men
And you… can’t bring love back again.

The point of no return
Whether it’s at Niagra Falls - you’re going over the edge
Or falling off a cliff
Or jumping off a bridge
Pulling the trigger … bullets….They don’t come back
The point of no return
Into the abyss

One time, a rather troubled but handsome young man – a student –
lingered after class and asked me what I thought of suicide.
“Well,” I replied, “you’re a decent looking young guy…
Then continuing with my professorial advice,
“If you commit suicide you’ll never be able to pull some girl’s pink panties down.”
A look of confusion (or disbelief ) ran over his face,
As my student mulled over the image in his mind I had placed
Then he looked at me and replied slowly, “Sensei, I got it.”
I probably saved a life.
And in my view: where there’s pink panties, there’s still life.

Then there’s the point of no return when your plane is taxiing on the runaway, getting ready to take off
Your plane isn’t going to turn around….
that is, unless someone jokes about there being a bomb on board
Then the plane won’t hesitate and will proceed back to the gate
Where uniformed men are waiting, swiftly escorting the person off the plane.
I included this because I know someone - Ron - who pulled this stunt.
Spending time in a Japanese jail for about a month
But that’s enough of personal stories and history.
I have more important thing to discuss.

Our environment may be on a point of no return.
Climate change, or global warming –
But damn, I wish scientists would make up their minds
which one it is
Whether climate change, or global warming
Which one will doom us in the end.

Example: The Marshall Islands of the Pacific
As the ocean level rises, these once idyllic islands are now in a losing battle
My advice to the Marshallese people:
make sure your kids can swim
make sure they have a paddle.

They say “it’s never too late.” What a naïve thought is that?
Climate change is now past the point of no return.
Some still call it a hoax but it’s a fact
We can only brace for the impact.
The future is always uncertain
Especially now for future generations.

You see, this is not the first time we’ve gone down the wrong path
Past the point of no return
Letting the genie out of the bottle
The making of the atomic bomb
Man’s trophy of death and destruction.
I’m not a religious person,
But Dear God, don’t let Donald Trump near the red button.

Sometimes, I feel I’m like spaceship
Having gone out past the point of no return
They say once you take LSD, the world is never the same.
A tree is not a tree anymore, but a thing of wonder.
And I like to look at the world that way.
A spaceship that is lost in space
And someday drifting out - far out…
In lifeless darkness…Never returning, forever and ever,
Beyond the point of no return.

Another Horror Halloween Story

I give up...
Hands up, don’t shoot.... I submit
aka. also known as: I don’t give a shit.
All the juice has been sucked out
Needle and tube in the arm
Or a razor to the wrist
Life-blood draining on the floor
Has turned me into Zombie,
A member of the Walking Dead…
In a world of fear
A world of indecision
A world of gray
A walking shadow
A ghost
Wandering the earth
Groping like a blind my on a windy day
The world has become one giant fucking shopping mall
With shit for sale
Piled sky high all around me...
Sameness and mediocrity
Everything and everyone for sale
And everyone is a salesman
Preachers telling us what to believe
Algorithms that now define me.
Making us pay
by Easy Pay
Your user ID and password
Guards at the doors
No exit

Black Lives matter
Police Lives Matter
All Lives Matter!
Are you shittin’ me?
First, I hate to tell you, but “Nothing Matters” – not really
Most of it is just make-believe
Go ahead, pray to Jesus
Go blow yourself up for Allah
Don'' worry, the devil always has your back
All Lives Matter must be why guns are made
All Lives Matter – how people treat on another
All Lives Matters must be why flowers are placed on graves
All Lives Matter – how we treat the other creatures on this planet

You know… I’m changing my view on guns.
Ironically, guns are the last bit of personal power –
A last gasp of freedom
Whether having to defend yourself against the crazies
Or just going on your own fucking rampage,
before they take you out.
Or whether to choose to blow your brains out
When you’ve had enough.

Yep, Freedom is on the march
Marching backwards.
While we are tethered to our smart phones
Where are lives are increasingly kept
We watch the world
In front of the TV
Believing what we see
We make up out minds after getting a good brainwashing
But I always wear a smile when I leave the house,
When I go out side.
I always wear a smile because I could be on
“Smile, You’re on Surveillance Camera.”


When I was in high school we used an expression, “Eat me,” And then, the other person would reply “Eat me raw.” Har, har, har….

But let me digress a bit to when I was about five years old. My parents took me to a slaughterhouse to buy meat for the freezer, before the raw cold Connecticut winter set in. The Stafford Springs slaughterhouse sold meat from white refrigerators to the side of the slaughtering area. And that day was, Kosher day. One at a time, huge all black cattle were grabbed live by their hind legs and hoisted skyward by winches. Upside-down, the animal screamed and fought with all its might. Then rabbi walked up with a huge blade, and after saying a very brief prayer, with a swift movement cut the head off the screaming animal. Its head dropped to the floor in a pool of steaming blood. The sound of torture, killing and death was unbearable. I ran out of there, escaping my mother’s attempt grab a hold of me. I threw up on the dirt parking area.

I thought how fucked up… these men dressed in their black suits with odd hats and scraggly beards. Their killing an animal in such an extreme manner for our benefit. Though not for us, actually for themselves…. Jews.

At Catechism were filed with ideas heaven and hell from the Catholic nuns, showing Jesus standing on pillowy clouds. The book had pages of pictures of the damned being tortured in hell: burning tar being poured on heads, naked men being sawed in half, a man standing wait deep in human excrement. We were told non-Catholics would never get to heaven.

Sunday communion offered purification from my childish sins. We lined up waiting to be given the body and blood of Christ. At en early age, I sensed how fucked up all of this was, as I was trying to make sense of it all... make sense of my little world.

Oh yeah…. "Eat me.” Har, har har…. Little did I know at the time, that the expression “Eat me raw” would lead to a path to where I am today - in Japan.... where eating things raw is the norm. But even getting here, Japan, I encountered many things that were raw along the way,

I remember those long and raw cold in the Connecticut winters. Growing up, there wasn’t much raw food there. My father loved his meat. He liked his steak very rare - bloody. I always asked my mother to cook it for me…. a little more.

Raw. Those memories of growing up. That slaughterhouse and more that I’d like to be able to forget. But let’s stay with the food theme…

It wasn’t until I reached Saipan in 1977 that I ate raw fish for the first time. It was in the island’s Palauan bar, named the Tappa Bar. It was dark and sleazy. My new-found island friend, Jose Camacho, ordered sashimi. What’s sashimi? I thought. But this was an island…. raw fish… Sure why not?

Little chunks of dark red raw fish were delivered on the table. He doused it with some dark soy sauce, and he waited for me give it a taste. With a cold beer, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so excotic – so raw.

Eating something raw like that for the first time - well that’s not exactly true.... In college, I worked part-time in a machine shop on weekends and the lathe operator Al said to me: “If you eat her pussy, she will never leave”. Well, that wasn’t true either.

But going back at the Palauan bar, the entertainment that night was a young lady on stage who could make smoke come out her pussy. After demonstrating that, and some other tricks with her body, she gave some guy a blowjob on stage. It was a bit in of a shock… I had never seen something quite so raw before…well, at least not publicly. In the Tappa Bar, raw fish and now this - public head. Well, today you might say… let me put it this way: I like oral sex, I just hate the phone bills.

Where was I? Or rather, where am I? Tokyo… We eat many things raw here: sushi, sashimi, salad…. Even raw horse – basashi, and raw whale. I’ve eaten raw chicken, tori sashimi. I don't know if you remember, some six-year-old kid who ate raw beef ball a few years ago, and died – bacteria. His father, who took his son to the restaurant, was on TV. He cried.

And I’ve even heard of a bar that serves raw pig liver. But there are some things where I draw the line. Actually, I’m quite conservative. Politically, I may be so far left that I’m off the map. But I’m quite conservative…. about sex -- where to stick my dick. You see me and my little Richard… we’ve been best friends for a very long time. And you’ve got to treat your friends right. Kabukicho can be pretty raw. Been there…. The mind was strong, but the flesh was weak.

Buy the way, what is your favorite sushi? There are so many tastes that come around in a kaiten-zushi. Fishy raw things - at least most are eaten raw: maguro (tuna), tako (octopus), uni (sea urchin), I like raw ika (squid), call me weird but it reminds of …… it’s fishy sweet taste and it’s smooth texture. Speaking of such things raw, who doesn't like raw oysters? I like to touch my tongue on the wet mollusk while not touching it’s shell. Moving my tongue around pretending to hear it giggle.

But what I like most raw… The thing I like most that’s raw is… the raw truth. Don’t sugar-coat it. Don’t pack in it lies. Let it be painful. Let it be true. Because I’d rather have the truth and be unhappy... than be happy….. with the lie.

Melancholy Mind by Joe Zanghi

Bad news sinks the heart
But there is no reason to ask "Why?"
Every road is built with accidents.

Some days promise gold
Other days lie beneath a dark roof
Today is like that.

"A Good Man Is Hard to Find" by Joe Zanghi

"A good man is hard to find." Are you shittin' me? It’s practically impossible!
Of course, I’m not including any of you good men here in this room
I’m talking about all the others - outside
A good man is hard to find
First off, all men want to do is fuck
Now, I don’t think fucking is so bad
After your horny testosterone years - full with idealism, confidence, rebellion, and walking around with a boner all day - you know...the age just ripe for the military - the age when you either want to fuck it or kill it.
One day, reality sets in and you get some lame job that finally zaps all the piss and vinegar youth out of you.
A good young man turns into someone else - a Republican or worse, a redneck.
And a “good” man gets even harder to find.
Yep. each year life gets a little worse
Your hair goes gray and/or goes away
Wrinkles appear, your face gets saggy
After decades of beer, your body gets flabby
You look back and remember the good old days
They were the good old days only because that’s when you were young.
Each year life gets a little worse
Until, one day all you have is a dangling short piece of rope between your legs
That’s why they created Viagra
But, did you know that the oldest man on record to father a child was 92
A good old man is hard to find.

How about a good woman?
A good wo-Man is hard to find.
Or as Flannery O’Connor put it:
“She would've been a good woman," said The Misfit, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.
Or as my Uncle Louie used to say, “People are no damn good, but women are worse.”
Yep, A good wo-Man is hard to find.
First, women, the good ones….
Good women get gobbled up quick - high demand, low supply
I’m talking statistically here, not individually
They get fucked - and fucked over - mainly by men
"Women are the Niggers of the World. Yes they are."
I didn’t write that - the "N" word, and neither did John Lennon
Actually Yoko Ono wrote most of the song. It takes a woman to write that.
And nobody liked that song.
Even banned on the radio. A song about gender equality
Gender equality, how's that progressing?
Racial relations, how’s that going?
And, at the time, nobody liked that Jap bitch Yoko supposedly for breaking up the Beatles.
Dear John, who art in heaven, if I had to write pop songs or just another silly love song with Paul MaCartney, I’d rather go solo, or be dead.
Wait, John is dead -- Shot by some fucking lunatic
Evidence, a good man is hard to find
And a great man is hard to stay alive.
Kennedys, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. They even killed Jesus and look what that started.
I guess it’s just better to stay an inconspicuous asshole.

A good man is hard to find?
I figured that one out early on
And is one of the reasons to date women.
I like women. Like my uncle Louie used to say, “Women, you can’t beat’em.”
It’s really a game, isn’t it? Relationships.
A game I mean - you all know the game jun-ken-pon
Scissors beats paper. Rock beats scissors. Paper beats rock
But nothing, nothing beats a blowjob.
Actually a bad girl is hard to find - you know, one who swallows

A good man is hard to find. A good woman is hard to find - Sac le bleu!
These days, it’s not PC to single out one gender
That would be sexist. And fuck I wouldn’t want to be called that.
A good hu-Man is hard to find
So if I said I hated the entire human race, would that still make me a racist?
Men or should I say people aren't just needy they are also greedy.
The history of MAN has 4 Gs: Greed, God, Guns, and Glory
On this note, Donald Richie wrote:
“The world does not like nice guys. Not really. They always come in last, says Western wisdom. And Eastern wisdom acts as if they do. They are charming, fun to be with, absolutely trustworthy, and so what? So says the world.”

Unwanted Dead or Alive by JZ

I turned on the TV
To scenes warning...
A warning that the scenes could disturb me
Me? Disturb me?
Now that's seems a stretch, don't ya think?
A black boy shot dead lying on the street
Video of a big man being choked by the police
A bomb goes off in a far off land
It's an exclusive report
The camera zooms in on the blood
The reporter points and says "See"
Should scenes like these bother me?
Have I become accustomed, numbed?
To all these faces wanted dead or alive
In the mirror, I ask, "Does all this bother me?"
Staring back, a face on a poster
A face that looks just like me!
With the words in bold below

I figure mostly we are Wanted Alive
At least for a while
Now born to produce and buy
Shop til you drop - it's good for the economy
Certainly we're not Wanted Dead
When you're dead…
You and me
What good can you be?
Maybe we are not really wanted at all - not really
Once upon a time, the air was pristine
What have we done to the air, land and sea?
Life is breath
A soldier's last breath
Who dies fighting others for reasons
For reasons that frankly are beyond me.
Life is breath
Those dying of old age...
Of natural causes - the cruelest joke
Our lives smothered by time
Maybe no one is Wanted - not really

So while I still have breath
Just leave me alone
While I try to make my way.
Just let me be
Just let me be UNWANTED
Dead or Alive

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
But I didn't see any black man forced to the ground
Five Men in Blue wrestling one large unarmed man to the pavement that day
Five of NYPDs finest holding one guy down
One having him a chokehold
Another pushing his head on the concrete.
I didn't hear Eric Garner call out "I can't breathe"
I didn't hear Eric Garner call out "I can't breathe"
11 times
While a few other police officers looked on.
I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
But I didn't see anything wrong because my TV screen was white
And I believe the police have a tough job to do.

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV
but the TV speakers went mute so didn't hear the news reports
How Eric Garner sells loose cigarettes for a living on the street
From my perspective, it seems like a tough life, don't you agree?
Enterprising, but doing it without a license
And that's a crime, you see
That's a crime on a Staten Island street
I guess, selling loose cigarettes would be a crime on any US city street
Hell no, Eric Garner! You can't do that!
Everybody knows that.
And now, Eric Garner 43 is dead

I watched the news but I didn't see the tears in Esaw Garner his wife's eyes
when it was announced that no policeman will be indicted
And I didn't see the tears in his widow's eyes calling for justice….
calling for justice "until her last breath."
I didn't see Eric Garner's six grieving children
and his grandchildren he left behind
You see, I didn't hear or see anything
Because my TV screen was white
and I believe the police have a tough job to do.

And I'm not going to do anything when these kinds of things happen
When unarmed black men are killed by cops
And I'm not going to say or do anything about the racial situation
Stop and frisk (or some version of it) is a good idea
if I think... it makes me feel more... safe
In my book, we should all just follow the rules:
Stay home
Watch TV
Own a gun
and eat
Hey, the New England Patriot's football game is on tonight

I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV, but I didn't see a thing.
I have other things on my mind...
For example, I'm fightin' in the War on Christmas
A Christian soldier yelling "It's Merry Christmas" and not fucking "Happy Holidays."
And damning all you atheists to Hell.
So as you can see, I'm already feelin' a little stressed out
Because I've still have a lot more "CHRISTMAS" shopping to do
So forgive me, while I put my head in this wet sand
In the bucket under my real "CHRISTMAS TREE"
keeping my perfectly decorated "CHRISTMAS TREE" green for a few days.
I watched the video of Eric Garner's death on TV...
But I didn't see a thing.


I know
I'll probably go...
go to hell
but my last night...
My last night, I want…..
I want to go to Kabukicho
Kabukicho…. is where I want to go

Where Tokyo's night is carnival lit
And hawkers ask if I want sex.
In Kabukicho
That's where to go….Kabukicho
Lose yourself for the night
Lose yourself for a night of sin in Sinjuku

All my senses are stirred
A mixed cocktail of shop signs and lights
a blur of alcohol, desire and thrill
A wild night of mizuwari
Where anything goes
and everything is alright
In Kabukicho….

If this town could talk.
it would scream the bombing of Tokyo in 1945
Kabukicho was razed to the ground.
And out of the rubble….
a kabuki theater was planned, never built
But the name Kabukicho stuck.
Instead, they built the "Sleepless Town"
of mizu shobai and the like
where the yakuza rule
rule over playful minds
all looking for some touch

Its hostess and host clubs, brothels, strip and sex shows.
Love hotels and massage parlours
Sex shops selling lingerie, dildos, vibrators and other sex aides.
Hey? How about taking in a drag show?
Under the red lights of Kabukicho

Oh darn, my last train is gone
I'm left behind here in Kabukicho
Oh my…. my shoulder & lower back seem tight
and feel in need of attention
Oh look! the shop's name: Asian Feeling
What goes on in secret behind that opaque door?
"Harro harro," a bubbly Ayumi greets my entrance
Minimal conversation comes with a massage
and a happy ending… saving the best for last.
Leaving me with rubbery legs and shoulders
from the looseness she provided.

Someday I'm probably going to hell
but my last night
I want….. I want to go to Kabukicho
My last night in Kabukicho
That's where I want to go

Dark Halloween Poem

I live in a dark corner where people don't want to go.
Where light can't come in but I can see out.
I can reach out and snatch you one by one
or wipe out an entire town... just for fun

My job has gotten easier over time
These days I often put up my feet up, relax, and just watch
I especially enjoyed Apocalypse Now
The scene porting my face of Horror, "The horror…"
It was a tribute to my craft

Blood and guts spilled on the ground are my art
And I take great glee in your emotional response
A big bomb hare, a little mass murder there
Your asking "Why?"
My answer is: "I really don't care"

And if you think you can go down to the Crossroads to make a deal
I'll let you in on a little secret, it's all in your head.

I am ignorance and hate
I am jealousy and greed
I am a needle, a razor
I am torture and pain
I make no apologies
It's just the way I am

In the end…perhaps not today
your pursuit for fountain of youth is in vain
Trust me, I cannot be beat.

I live in a dark corner where people don't want to go.
Where light can't come in, but I can see out.
And If there's one thing you can take to the bank
It's that I can guarantee...
I can guarantee that one day we will meet.

Fucked-up Blues

Life is fucked up – I’ll tell ya.
Let’s start off with it’s aches and pains
A headache
A toothache
A stomachache
Then you never know
when you are going to be hit
by some nasty disease....
You wake up one day and find out
that you're fucked.

happen unexpectedly.
Fucks you up

Life is fucked up – I’ll tell ya.
It’s bad enough that we’re all chasing a buck to pay the bills
Always with some asshole with his hand reaching in your pocket
trying to extract whatever you have in your wallet

Then there’s heartbreak
I can still draw her naked body
in my mind from memory.

Keep On Shoppin' In The Real World

There's bargains in the malls
In Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store and so many, many more
People standing in cashier lines
Wallets open and shiny gold credit cards
Ready to buy
Adding to their debt
Debt - that’ll keep people in check
But what the heck? We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

Most of the stuff comes from China
It says so on the box.
How does that familiar old song go?
“Nothing could be finer that comes from mainland China”
Look in my shopping cart
Look at all this stuff
Look at these fine plastic knives I’m gonna buy. We
Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world
We are baby boomers
We are the millenias
We are those in betweeners chasing after a chunk of pie
Hey, what ever happened to all those 60’s hippies?
Flower children with their anti-establishment protests
Their psychedelic colors have faded
Grown old with wrinkled faces
Their drugs must have wore off
Becoming what we once criticized. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

But there's a warnin' sign
Climate change ahead
There's a lot of people sayin'
A lot of people are gonna be dead
Lack of basic necessities - like water
Shrinking resources causing wars
For now we try to forget it,
Any way we can. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

I see a homeless man on the street
Maybe he is a veteran
Maybe he is a she – Can’t tell…too dirty to say
0r just someone just down on his luck and in need
People pass by…On their way to work
On their way to lunch at Hooters for something to eat. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

They say, “The more you know, the less you need”
So look around… at all the stupid shit
I don’t want to bitch
That’s not my schtick
We all know Life is now on the internet
Profiling us
Telling us what to get
Order it on line
Free shipping
Hurry up
It’s 8:30. If I order now it will arrive by 9.
I want it now. We

Keep on shoppin' in the real world,
Keep on shoppin' in the real world

World Cup

World Cup
I like this football thing: the World Cup.
Apparently other people do too.
Football - call it soccer - if you prefer
If you call it soccer, I won't call you a wanker - just an American
I like this football thing: the World Cup
Rooting for your national team, the colors, the flags, the banners, the noisy fans, and their noise makers.
True the scores aren't great.
Sometimes after 2 hours ending in a disappointing nil nil draw.
Then the winner is decided by PK
PK? I say Puck Kyou!
Like the Stanley Cup Playoff games
Play to the death! A sudden death
Take out the goal keeper. The next score wins!
Finally, something would add some excitement to the match.

I know, I know...The World Cup in Brazil has attracted much controversy.
Spending money on stadiums instead of schools, hospitals and services for the poor.
A piss-poor exercise of priorities to be sure
I'm no economist. I'm not sure of what will trickle down.
On the other hand, there's so much bad news out there
maybe I, we, all need a break.
What would you prefer?
Money spent on football and a fleeting World Cup dream
or spending billions on bombs and war?
In fact, we have little voice in this world
unless our voices swell into a frightening roar

So right now in 2014, I like this football thing.
It's not like real life
In football, get too aggressive and what happens?
A yellow card is given.
And when someone gets real rough and tough, a red card is handed out.
Not like in real life when someone takes out a gun.
Imagine, if you can, the armies in the world
millions of boney-kneed soldiers in their shorts
Their only offense - their speed and agility
Armed with only shin guards for defense
I know, I know. So how about women in this army?
First off, two equal wrongs do not make an Equal Right.
Second, in this army, I'd prefer seeing women wearing a little skimpier attire
like that of Maria Sharapova.
Some say that war has always existed
What about soccer? (Again football if you prefer.)
Some suggest that the history of soccer dates back as far as 2500BC,
the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese all appear to have partaken
in feet-based games involving a ball.
For example, in China “Tsu-Chu” or “kick ball” as it translates.
Records of the game begin during the Tsin Dynasty (255-206BC)
But I don't mean to bore you with such football trivia.
But the ball really seem to got rolling (pun intended) in modern Europe from the 9th century onwards, when in England entire towns would kick a pig's bladder from one landmark to another.
To me, that explains British football fans in a nutshell.
It seems that we humans have always liked
to have a little friendly competition from time to time.
So how did we get so violent?
It seems that football is a uniter and not a divider
For example in America: Americans love their brand of football - The Superbowl
Where oversized men with low IQs and pumped full of steroids
slam into each other with helmets and suits of armor.
The objective of the game is to put the pig skin across the goal line
and inflict concussions
But look what happened the other day!
When America won a World Cup game.
Suddenly. the country embracing the round-ball version of the game
Chanting USA USA USA.
Just like they yelled after US special forces took out Osama Bin Laden.
I like this football thing - The World Cup
It just seems to me, instead of our fighting over oil and God,
and the glory of killing
We should all get on the ball
(And you know I'm all for balling)
Maybe life all like football
And maybe it's all meaningless:
Whether we win, lose or draw
The only thing that matters is happiness
the feeling of ecstasy that happens
when someone on the team (maybe even you)
puts the ball in the goal
Puts his thing in that hole.

You Can't Fix Stupid

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing, nothing I can do
Global warming ravaging us like a furious god
Current trends, speeds and attitudes
But we're turning a blind eye
Some calling it a hoax
Look over the horizon
we're totally doomed

I want to make it all right, I really do
But there's nothing I can do
Common sense says more guns equal only more violence and death
Let's hand a gun to everyone instead
0bsession with and addiction to firearms,
American 2nd Amendment gun fetish

I want to make it all right
But there's nothing I can do when....
A dinosaur bone, we know beyond a doubt is between 60 and 70 million years old.
But a whopping 24 percent believe dinosaurs and man simultaneously hung out.

Belief versus evidence...
Those who claim evolution is still a theory
Believing that Jesus literally flew up out of a cave and into the sky.
Living according to this "reality"
Do you believe in angels?
Forty-five percent of Americans do.
And nearly 30 percent believe cloud computing involves actual clouds.
18 percent still believe the sun revolves around the Earth.
Six percent of Americans believe in unicorns.
Now you can see why....
Why we are totally fucking fracked?

Glued to TV, reality shows, major media, Fox News...
Everything is scripted - targeted for a 5th-grade education
and the attention span of an aphid

Hardly anyone reads anymore....
Instead gawking at some guy doing his 15 seconds of YouTube fame
A guy breaking 56 eggs on his head in 30 seconds..
A guy playing the violin on a bicycle while riding backwards
The man with the longest ear hair
That right, and so much more; it's all there

Safe to say about 37 percent of Americans are just are not very bright.
Take for example. my friend Bill
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Not academically gifted
He's got the IQ of a salad bar
The guy is all foam, no beer
His antenna doesn't pick up all the channels
Bright as a tulip bulb
He has both oars in the water but no boat.
A few feathers short of a duck
Dumber than a box of rocks

We want to make it all right, we really do
But there's nothing you can do
You can't fix stupid
Baka wa shinanakya nanorani

The Good Old Days

The good old days....
Remember the Flintstones?
They were a modern Stoneage family
They were fucking funny
Wilma and Betty stayed at home.
Fred Fintstone and Barney Rubble got into trouble

The good old days
when women stayed in the kitchen
and men had jobs
Women pulled up their skirts
and men pulled their pants down

The good old days....
John Wayne as our hero
And the world was black and white like the family's one television set
When people were God fearing
And gas was cheap
Boys in their muscle cars, doing donuts in parking lots
and burning rubber in the streets
You could drive and drink
Pot was illegal
but a lid cost only 15 bucks

The good old days....
We were racing to the moon.
and testing atomic bombs in the Pacific ocean
the sky was the limited
instead of being polluted.
We ate cheap white Wonder bread
And we had the KKK too
People believed in flags
not fags

In the "good" old days, we could smoke where ever we wanted
We called ourselves "Free"
But that kind of freedom died
when they started putting the cancer warnings on package

Time passes....
We cling to what we know
following the easiest road
Making change painfully slow.
Clearly see the past for what it was
Clearly see the present for what it is
Otherwise, we are deceived
and accepting lies.

Don't play that thug music, black boy (for Jordan Davis)

Don't play that thug music, black boy
Don't wear a hoodie
I want you all
I want you all to be
Be like me
Like me
Cuz you see
I've got no brains and a lot of balls
and I've got a gun and I'll toot ya
I want you all to be
be like me
like me
Afraid of young black men
Afraid of of the pOHlice
Afraid of the government
Afraid of terrorists
Afraid of standing up for justice
Afraid of my own shadow
Cuz you see, I've got no brains and a lot of balls
and I've got a gun and I'll toot ya
And I want you all to be
Be like me
Like me

Michael Dunn, fired into a car full of Florida teens, killing Jordan Davis, following an argument over loud music.

Conversations with God

Silver clouds pass above
The time before the night sky
Whether you look near
Whether you look far and wide.
Few dare to say the word love.
There's something I've come to realize
That we all take far more than we give

Day and night jumble
Eyes flutter like an old black and white film
We actors sometimes make great strides
Other times fail and fall
Yet we endeavor, we plod on
Tomorrow? For nobody knows….
Only makes me wonder - who is directing this show?

Mind wanders - taking me to far off lands,
I'm standing in field,
Walking along packed city streets - some lonely ones as well
And even once walking across dessert sands.
Recalling the many places I have been
Mingling with strangers
Laughing with old friends
But we all walk alone
Only makes me wonder, who is directing this show?

Friends and lovers, seasons, they come and go
Oh, how I'd like to have some of those times back
At this moment, this all seems so unfair.
Life like tides has its highs and lows
I find time passes the fastest when you are alone with nothing to do.
The clock's hour hand moves in slow motion
The minute hand does a little dance
But the second hand... it never slows

Years in the mirror show
Where did the time go?
Meanwhile, change around us happens so painfully slow
Problems never seem to get solved
As they say, time marches on….
But is this how it's supposed to evolve?

I saw my own reflection in your eyes
Does this reflection tell me what I've become?
Is this picture the truth or a sham?
At the end of the day, we have but this one life to live
so you had better make it good -
aka live your life the best that you can.
Still, I can't help asking, does the bucket ever fill?

There is something I've come to realize
That we all take far more than we give,
Life like tides has its highs and lows
And I wonder, who is directing this show?

The Archer

One time while growing up, I wanted to become an archer
I wanted to be Robin Hood
I wanted to be like the Greek archer in my history book
I wanted to be a real William Tell
So I would practice for hours and hours pulling back the bow,
one by one, letting the arrows go
I saw the bow was the force,
the arrow - the weapon,
hitting the bull's eye - my goal.

The school library had some books about archery
I distinctly remember a photo of a Japanese archer dressed in hakama
Above the photo in bold letters, the word kyudo
and below a strange quote:
"Find your target. Be the arrow. Be straight and true."

But I didn't want to be the arrow
Arrows, I thought, are just being used.
I wanted to be the powerful bow
Perhaps realizing from an early age
that I was already a little bent.

The following day, I shot an arrow straight up into the air,
up, up, up....until it out of sight it went
Just then, like a lightning bolt, fear, panic set in
A horrifying vision of just where the arrow might land
So with my bare hands, I covered my head
which would have been be of little use -
an arrow sticking in my head

I could run, and take a chance
or remain frozen,
for better or worse, which I did.
Then with a sudden WHOSH!
the arrow came down,
striking so close, sticking deep into the ground
Had I been in the wrong place, it surely would have killed me
lying right there on the spot,
and later found

Sometimes, life and death is like that -
only a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
After all, accidents are part of the road
But from that point on, I considered myself lucky,
also from that point on, I considered myself none too bright.
One time, I wanted to become a great archer
But I was never really any good at it.

But what I want to say is:
everyone here and everywhere
take care, stay safe
in this New Year!

Once Upon a Time in America

Born wide-eyed and full of wonder
The sky was the limit
And the moon even higher.
Suddenly, a shot across the bow
The President's brain flying out the back
We awakened a new dark reality
Innocence shattered, it would never be the same.
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

What soon followed didn't improve
Race riots and the Vietnam War
The flower children soon wilted
Peace and Love - those dreams faded
Education was replaced by MBAs
How much money can you make
The American Dream
Get rich schemes
The new American Dream of owning everything
gobbling up like this planet has never witnessed before
And from sea to shining sea, the result: one big shopping spree.
You see, America I didn't leave it, it left me.

I recently returned to visit the Statue of Liberty
remembering how as kids we once had foot race running up the staircases to reach her crown
But now, I shuffle in the line
Emptying my pockets and taking off me shoes
walking through security body scanner
and passed the surveillance cameras
Oh, Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death,"
I whisper under my breath.

If emptying pockets and taking off shoes,
domestic call monitoring and drone attacks abroad
and wars....
If this is your strategy to fight terrorism...
If this is the plan, I think you should come up with a better one.
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

America, is it now a country Divided?
or a country United?
I don' know.
The rich are getting richer.
no one seems to care
While the poor...
To quote a man as we looked out the car window while waiting at a traffic light in the slums of Philadelphia,
"Look at those poor bastards, never had a chance."
I guess on street corners like this, the Liberty Bell doesn't ring.

And as for the middle - the middle class -
America has become dumbed down and fattened up
Freedom equals the right to bear arms
And armed with the the First Amendment's "free exercise of religion"
What more does one need?
God, guns and country...
The Patriot Act
Just be sure to obey.
As Carl Sagan warned us
"The combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, will blow up in our faces."
America I didn't leave it, it left me.

Corporate greed
America. you had enough time to clean up your act
since that dreadful day in Dallas
America, I didn't leave you, you left me.


In the morning mirror
the face I see,
it could be someone else's
It could be me.

Another wrinkle here,
a little more gray there
and hair on top that no longer wants to stay
It's not mortality I fear,
but staring at old age
and it's cruel face
scares the living crap out me

In the mirror
The face I see
will someday fade --
fade away
to a place
where I never existed.


My heart flutters
like bats flying out of a cave
I see you, but you don't see me
I wouldn't know what to say
Too shy to approach
I'm crushing on you
and you don't even know

The "Brave New World?"

Is it a Brave New World?
Well, it's not "New" really.
Considering the Earth is 4.54 billion years old
I wasn't around way back then, so how do I know?
If fact, I don't, but scientists say so.
I met a guy the other day who said the earth is 6,000 years old.
There are a whole bunch of these people who believe this way
Hmmm..... 4.54 billion versus 6,000 years
I was never good in math but I can detect there's a difference here --
Oh, about 4.54 billion years..
Not that long ago, at around the year 0 or so, someone wrote a book.
Actually, a bunch of dudes wrote this book
And it's a good thing Jesus did come along or we wouldn't know what year it is today.
More importantly though, this Good Book explains everything:
Why there is heaven and hell,
How women came from a rib,
Why it's Adam an Even instead of Adam an Steve.
We are taught what to think.
"I believe what I believe," he said, "The truth."
"Oh," I said.

Is it a Brave New World?
Well, it's really not all that "Brave" either
Hiding behind our computer screens, drones to the dirty work
Still settling affairs by who has the biggest gun.
Defending the rich,
exploiting the poor,
placating the people, all keep the ball rolling.
A dangerous world is a profitable one...
for some.
And hiding behind computer screens
those collecting data to sell you whatever they can
"Growth of the sake of growth this the philosophy of the cancer cell"
While our hiding behind our computer screens
instead of getting to know one another
We stand our ground against one another
and cower to authority
We are not so much Brave as we are stupid.
Our destroying the planet
Our home.

It's a Brave New World?
No, not really
It's just the same old world
But with a hell of a lot more people on it.
Once were like a innocent babes, sucking on our mother's tit in the Garden of Eden
Now we are more like vampires sucking the blood out of our Mother's neck.
Is it a Brave New World?
Hardly "New."
Certainly not "Brave."
We have made a prison
and submissively pay the guards around us.

Tokyo Earthquakes (haiku)

Tokyo earthquakes
Awakened, I feel alive
thoughts of impermanence
(Tokyo, Oct. 20, 2013)

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown....
Let's just not stop there
Shutdown those Teabag assholes
who are still living like today were yesterday
Shutdown the lobbyists
and corporate special interests
interested in profits for themselves....
who aren't the least interested in you or me
Shutdown the NRA and their gun maker friends
and get the guns off our streets.
Shutdown Monsanto
Fuck them, and their GMO food so we can safely eat
Oh, and while they are at it....
Shutdown that fat faced Rush Limbaugh, too
Shutdown FOX news for spreading verbal shit.
Shutdown drone attacks
that drop terror on civilians from the sky
Shutdown factories of making missiles
So there might be some peace
Shutdown Gitmo
Even those poor bearded bastards deserve their day in court.
Shutdown Wall Street
until they can learn to lend responsibly
Shutdown the Washington bickering
Shutdown all the negativity
Shutdown until you
are ready
Shutdown until you ready to get things done.

Better than a dream

My senses have decidedly become dulled
The causes many:
daily bombardment of information
too little good news….
I can always blame time for my mood

I've grown accustomed
to dire warnings,
alarmist predictions,
doom and gloom prophecies.
And in the mirror, things I don't want to see.

Indeed, things are changing
some for the better
some for the worse
but they are all --
they are all bigger than me

Helplessly alone in this sea
How long can I tread water here?
Do I try to swim away?
Knowing in time… only a matter of time
when the last wave swallows me

As far as I know,
there is no lifesaver
there is no lifeboat
Tonight you are here... better than a dream
soothing my living soul

Because life is cheap (for Trayvon Martin)

A young man is killed walking home from the store
Candy and iced tea in hand
Confronted by an armed citizen
His mind is made up: This fucking punk is up to no good.
Gun in holster - a modern-day John Wayne
So a life is taken,
And the shooter walks away
What of Trayvon's life?
Life is cheap that way.

Children's bodies blown apart on the classroom floor
Just babies really, ages 7 or less
along with 6 teachers dead after the massacre
The scene to gruesome to be shown on TV
Gunned down by a lunatic
armed with an AK-15 and no reason why
Public outcry!
But in no time at all, the outcry for gun control fades…
fades away and dies....

Everyday, shootings in cities across the nation
News flash fireworks of homicide
the leading cause of death among young black males
Victims of a racism - a system that never seems to die
Where amid urban decay life is cheap
For faces that no one seems to care about

Violence and abuse against women
sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape
Not only by strangers,
more often by people that they already know.
The gender receiving less respect.
These women left with physical and emotional pain.

Looking over one's shoulder….
going to and from the store
becomes a way of life
Convinced that it a dangerous world, and only getting worse...
The answer is people arming themselves to the teeth
The gun
The answer
to protect life and treasure
Because life is cheap

Writer's Block

These days, I have hardy anything to say
No words of wisdom
No witty rhyme
No clever verse

I could describe images
the wonders of nature
shining stars, roaring rivers, magnificent trees
Bright happy sunflowers
swaying in a gentle summer’s breeze
But what for?
On the internet, you can see all of the these
and so much more

I could write about a lost love
The girl who broke my heart
The one who got away
But I hate to look back
All it does is make me sad.
I could write how life is all just luck and chance
I could write about Good versus Bad
I could write about Love
but what the hell do I know about love
or anything else for that matter anyway?

I could write about God
The guy up above
Who is looking down
The maker of all
The savior of our souls
Bit I don’t believe in this bullshit anyway
I’m not delusional

I could write about freedom
The shouting of freedom from the rooftops....someday
Don't make me laugh
You are free so long as you stay —
so long as you stay between the lines
And the road is getting narrower
and narrower .... every day
I could write about war and peace
But didn’t somebody already write this anyway?

If I had wings, I would fly away
but I don’t,
so here I walk
here I stand
here I am

I could write about life’s meaningless existence
or perhaps compare life to Chinese water torture
drip, drip drip
or how to cope with life’s pain
blur it with booze and pills
needles and razors
But think we’ve all heard this kind of crap before
haven’t we?.

I could write about tragedy
I could write about hope

So I paint on a stupid smile
while my heart beats
bump-bump, bump-bump. bump-bump
80 beats per minute so so
the years go by
as I grow old.

Well, I have nothing to say
nothing to write
not even a simple Zen
haiku today

Ultimate Sacrifice

I hate this expression
Ultimate Sacrifice
it sounds like they gave up their parking space

Ultimate Sacrifice
They are gone
rotting in ground

And no one gave it much thought

Ruin the World

It seems to me:
India is trying to catch China
China is trying to catch the United States
The United States is trying to catch its own tail.
Why worry about global warming?
So far, this global warming thing has been pretty anti-climatic.
I mean, have you personally seen polar bears washing up on the beach?
I didn't think so.
Monsanto, Walmart, Exxon and all others the likes of you
Let's ruin the world.
Why not?
I want the American Dream
a big house, a lot of stuff, and a gun to protect it.
Kill it
Fuck it
The news on TV - wars and terrorism
They don't believe in the same things as you and me.
Support the troops - Are you shitting me?
Capitalism - growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell.
Go Wall Street go!
Aren't they a bunch of responsible individuals?
Raping the bank accounts of whoever so they can make their billions.

We want to "good ol' days" back!
I remember in college when my friend Bill Finance swallowed five handfuls Taster's Choice freeze-dried before taking a final exams and puking 15 minutes later.
I remember when Jerry Magnuson chugged a bottle of ketchup with a shot of vodka in it
I remember when Bill Nally drank the bong water
I remember the thrill of coming as soon as I got it in.
We want to return to the glory days muscle cars
We want to go back to Mayberry
But we can't
It's time to rip out that rear view mirror
and concentrate on the road ahead
But why look ahead?
Why fix this mess?
After all, the 21st century is a lie.
It's only a date on the Gregorian calendar.
2000 years after the birth of Jesus
It takes faith....
Bald old men wearing red beanies and dresses blowing white smoke
for 1.5 billion followers
...And in the other corner.... wearing beards and praying five times a day,
with white turbans, with enough intelligence to build a bomb
and still believing in 72 virgins in heaven!
Fucking stupid men!
People today...
with enough intelligence putting a man on the moon 44 years ago, now contemplating going to Mars
People with enough intelligence to clone an sheep and call it Dolly
Astrophysicists and cosmologists theorize the beginning of the universe, quantum mechanics and string theory.

But people need to believe in something....
believe in something more than their car's airbags
We want to believe in this timeless omnipresent invisible being.
Someone or Something we can identify with.
Someone or Something close to but greater than us.
We want to believe in our own eternity.

We can't face up to the facts.
Meanwhile, this place is getting more fucked up each day.

East Beach

A 360-degree blue sky beach day
Not a cloud or trouble to be found
The sun high and hot
Soaking into her bronze-tanned body
"You still look fabulous in a bikini," I said
My sincere compliment was returned with her beaming smile.

We walked lightly across the hot sand
Towards the restless water's edge
Gazing out at endless tide
Hearing to the sounds of the crashing waves
Taking in the unique smell of the sea
Some seagulls squawked and circled about

She carried the blanket
I manned the heavy cooler
We made our way down to the cool wet sand
There were countless smooth stones
and shells of all kinds to examine
The waves lapped our toes

Turing left, we walked along the beach
Spying a point in distance
Sometimes eyeing each other
"Keep going," I said.
Occasionally looking back at our footprints
Observing how far we've come together

Finally, we reached a secluded spot of our choice
Far away from the bright-colored beach umbrellas, beach chairs, noisy kids, and blaring radios.
We were now as alone as we could be on a beach day
We knew what we were there to do --
Or at least I knew what I wanted.
By this time we were already hot and sweaty

Spreading out the blanket created the mood
Like being swept away on a deserted island
We settled in on our oasis
All of your senses are heightened at the beach
The sense of sight, touch and smell.
Everything tastes better - anticipation rising

I love it wet,
Sweet, juicy
A nice pink color
A little sticky
Eat and wash your face at the same time
Watermelon is amazing

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