He strides into my room. He stands for a second in the doorway until I recognise him. Black hair, olive complexion, uneven smile. I lay back on the bed and he covers me with his body. His tie tickles my nose. I smile as his hand strokes the porcelain skin behind my knees. He doesn’t bother to take off his pants. I hear the zip and feel him tug roughly at my lace panties. He nibbles the base of my neck as his hips grind against mine. He enters me in one deft motion and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to wrap my legs around him, so I wait until he eases himself out and nips at the inside of my wrist. Blue. Purple. Bruised. My ankles cross at the base of his spine and rock with the motion of his body as he re-enters me. I watch the vein in his temple throb until he shudders. Eyes wide. Mouth open. Neck stiff.