"Hello Zeus, you've been away a while!"

When the wind gets tired of sifting through a thousand sighs
You know you're in trouble
When the sunlight always falls on something else
When shadows whisper old gods' names
and you start to believe they exist
start to believe they are worth a conversation
while incense and candle smoke beg a favour
don't bend your knees and mock yourself
ghosts and gods, ghosts of gods, many have died
or maybe they were reborn, reborn, that's sensible
reborn into the eyes and fear filled mind of mankind
I don't want to die, so I shall believe
I don't want to die, unhappiness crushes
It's all about the blood, wine to some
flesh and bread and a long life for the dead
I prefer to feel sadness, it's more social
There is elegance in a sigh filled with despair
A human elegance that I'll let no new god steal