Beach Day

Walk along the beach
A rather primitive pleasure
My earthly footprints left behind
Above, I spy a jet
Streaking the sky
White vapor trails

I turn to look back at my steps
Like memories
Recent ones remain clear
Those in the distance
Fading away
So much has been forgotten
Consumed by time

The footprints I make
will inevitably wash away
Only to one day vanish
Like all other moments in time
Like passing clouds

I take pause at the thought

Footprints I’ve made
Footprints I make
And footsteps be made
All my footsteps . . .

I take in the smell of the ocean,
the crash of the waves,
the squawks of seagulls

A single ship in the distance
I wonder where it is going
A mild sea breeze blows through my hair
And fans across the land

Grains of sand
Covering my feet
Many thoughts
Recalling memories
Of those I’ve loved
Of those I miss